An Acidic or Alkaline System – What’s the Difference and Why Should We Care?

I think we all probably know at this point that disease, particularly cancers, cannot grow in an alkaline system/body. Young Living has many products that assist us in achieving an alkaline system.

For those of you who don’t know, the saliva tests will not show you whether or not your system is acidic or alkaline. According to Premier Research Labs the following article tells you how to do a proper test…

pH — From Acid to Alkaline
by Premier Research Labs

Key to beating Candida albican overgrowth

Key to stopping and reversing Osteoporosis, evidenced by bone loss, joint pain, creaky joints, poor range of motion.

Calcium and Magnesium and maintaining healthy urine pH are key to ending chronic infections, chronic asthma, bronchitis, cancer, flus, colds, etc.

Key to preventing and ending bone spurs, calcium deposits, kidney and other stones.

Key to preventing and ending arthritis.

Key to preventing and overcoming Heart Disease.

Key to preventing lactic acid build up and aching muscles after hard exercise; stiff and hard muscles.

Key to balanced, healthy emotions.

Correcting your pH will help you overcome the body’s cravings for sugar, caffeine, alcohol and other drugs and health-destroying habits.

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To test your own body’s pH, collect a small sample of your first morning urine (any time after 5am, before eating or drinking anything) in a clean cup (or just dip it in the stream). Check the pH of your urine by dipping a small piece of pH tape into your urine; then immediately match the color of the tape to the pH color chart on the roll. The number corresponding to the color tells you the pH. After you wet the tape, do not wait.

Immediately match the color. If you delay for a few minutes you may get a false reading.

Another good time to test your pH is 2 to 3 hours after your noon meal. You can not drink anything but water after lunch for 2 to 3 hours before testing your urine. You can also test your urine after 5pm before your evening meal if you have not eaten or drank anything but water for 2 to 3 hours.

Ideal pH:
An ideal urine pH range is between 6.4 to 7.0.

Acid pH:
A urine pH below 6.0 is in the acid range (minerals badly needed; time to rebuild your mineral status).

Highly alkaline pH:
a urine pH over 8.0 is often a danger sign, warning you that your pH is too far out of range. (Minerals are exhausted; you may be in emergency alkalosis where the body is using anything it can [i.e. ammonia] to try to buffer the increased acid load.)

As the body’s pH comes into better balance (ph 6.4 to 7.0), it is like a sunny spring day; your body can easily assimilate minerals that were very difficult to absorb at a more acid pH. The first morning urine pH is the best reflection of the body’s tissue pH. Obtain a roll of pH tape at your local pharmacy to measure your own urine pH.

In an alkaline environment, you have abundant oxygen. As the pH of the urine drops, less and less oxygen is available to the tissues. Small changes of 1/10 to 2/10 in pH can mean 10 to 20 times more oxygen availability. Ionized calcium is the key mineral to help keep the pH near ideal.

It is also important to lessen the use of acid producing foods and drinks, such as sugar, coffee, alcohol, soft drinks, junk food and too often eating lousy food out in restaurants.”

Read more about what’s in the foods you’re eating.

And, hidden sources of MSG, and MSG and obesity.

Young Living has all natural, solutions to lowering pH.

Here are just two products that are worthy of note:

AlkaLime (item # 3199)

Suggested Use: Stir one rounded teaspoon into six to eight oz. of distilled or purified water and drink immediately. To aid in alkalizing connective tissue, AlkaLime may be taken one to three times per day before meals or before eating. As an antacid, AlkaLime may be taken as needed. Otherwise an ideal time to take AlkaLime would be prior to bedtime.

NingXia Red (item #3003)

“When one understands that there are only a few basic mechanisms underlying all disease, then it is extremely simple to see why NingXia Red is so effective for practically all organ systems.” Hugo Rodier, M.D., Adjunct Nutrition Professor, University of Utah.Some years ago, the Frenchman, Vincent (pronounced VAAH-SAHNT), discovered that one of the most important means by which he could get a reliable picture of the body “terrain” and its “regulative capacity” was by measuring the pH of the blood, saliva and urine.

Simply put, pH is a measurement of how “acid” or “Alkaline” a substance is. The pH scale runs from 0 on the “acid side, to 14.14 on the “alkaline” side; a pH of 7.07 being “neutral.”

The pH of the arterial blood runs somewhere between 7.4 and 7.45, which is mildly alkaline with very tight tolerances. The pH of saliva runs between 6.0 and 7.0 (mildly acid to neutral); and, that of the urine between 4.5 and 8.0 (somewhat acid to slightly alkaline). These are not necessarily “ideal” numbers, they are observed ranges.

In other words, if you were to test the urine pH of 1,000 people, you would find most, if not all, of the numbers to fall within the range of 4.5 to 8.0. What I mean by the term “regulation” or regulative capacity” is that the body is always working to keep itself in a healthy state; it is always “regulating.” When our bodies cease to regulate, they become a fertile “breeding ground” for bacteria, viruses, and fungi – hence the health problems listed below. In other words, when our bodies cease to regulate, we become very ill and die.

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Some symptoms, which should fly caution flags for you, especially if they are recurring symptoms, or symptoms which tend to be present with you more and more consistently as you age: Acne, Anxiety, Asthma, Bloating, Bacterial infections, Bronchitis, Cold hands and/or feet, Chemical sensitivities (to odors, etc.), loss of concentration, Constipation, Cold sores, Cystitis, Colitis, Depression, Disturbed sense of smell, taste, hearing, and/or vision, Diarrhea, Dizziness, Low energy, Eczema, Endometriosis, Food sensitivities, or allergies, Fungal infections, (Candida, athlete’s foot, etc.), Gastritis, Excessive hair loss, Hyperacidity, Heartburn, Hives, Hayfever, Hot or burning sensation during urination, Hyperactivity, Mild headaches, Irregular or rapid heartbeat, Impotence, Joint pains, Loss of memory, Migraines, Metallic taste in mouth, Excess mucous in head/sinuses (stuffiness), Muscular pain, Numbness, and/or tingling, Pre-menstral cramping, Pre-menstral anxiety and/or depression, Psoriasis, Rapid breathing or panting, Sinusitis, Swelling and or Urinary infections.

A simple way to get a reasonably good idea of how your body is doing in its attempts to regulate itself and fight the overgrowth of viruses, bacteria and fungi is by testing the pH of your first morning urine. This can be done by passing a strip of pH test paper through a stream of urine and then comparing the color of the test with a chart which indicates the degree of acidity or alkalinity of the urine. This procedure should be done for 5-10 days in order to get a reliable indication of where the pH would usually be.

If the pH is consistently trending towards alkaline, it is moving in the right direction. If it tends to be on the acid side, then there is reason for concern. And, somewhat conversely, if you already have some of the symptoms mentioned above (remember, recurring symptoms, not occasionally), then you can expect your first morning urine to be consistently on the acid side of the pH range and the urine test will confirm this.

In a nutshell, when the “terrain,” or internal environment, of the body tends to be alkaline, then one has reason to be optimistic concerning his or her long-term health. On the other hand, when the biological terrain tends to be acid, then one can anticipate a steady deterioration in his or her health and, if nothing is done to help the body move towards an internal, alkaline state, then one can expect the manifestation of progressively serious chronic, and often debilitating problems. In other words we have a choice to either alkalize…or die.

Most Americans will test “acid,” given our diets and our stressful lifestyles. We eat too much in the way of acid forming foods; we get very little exercise; and we take very little time to “smell the roses” these days.

In addition to making necessary diet adjustments and de-stressing ourselves, another important thing we can do is to take a good, alkalizing supplement on a regular basis. For example, minerals like Calcium and Magnesium have alkalizing qualities.

Better yet, is an alkalizing powder, which has been formulated specifically to assist the body in its attempt to alkalize the biological terrain. Although these important powders might be more easily found in Europe, they are becoming more available here in the U.S. as doctors and health practitioners are becoming more savvy about the need to alkalize the body. Being a Young Living Distributor, I have one of the best of these alkalizing powders available in the product “Alkalime.”

AlkaLime powder comes packaged in 8 ounce bottles and the way you take it is to stir a rounded teaspoon into about 4-6 ounces of pure water and then “chug” it down while it is still effervescing. Health practitioners who are familiar with this kind of product recommend taking it this way before retiring at night and, if a person is running quite “acid,” the recommendation is to take it at 10am and 4pm as well. Also, AlkaLime does a great job in neutralizing an acid stomach and many people use it for this express purpose.

AlkaLime works quite well for athletes who want help in neutralizing the lactic acid buildup which results after hard workouts.

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Testimonials From AlkaLime User’s:

AlkaLime is also WONDERFUL for douching…so many women have issues with the vaginal tract and are not aware of the acidity there…AlkaLime balances it right out! Jessica

* * *
Food poisoning gone in 15 minutes
I ate something Friday night that caused an immediate volatile eruption in my digestive tract. I felt it at both ends and ran for my Young Living Di-Gize essential oil blend. I applied 2 drops on each side of my abdomen and then went for my AlkaLime Powder. I mixed a 1/2 tsp. with a little water [1/3 cup] and drank it as it fizzled [very important]. AlkaLime is just like Alka Seltzer, only without the harmful chemicals. I knew this would cause me to burp or something else :(

I laid down and asked Mark to go set up a bucket by my side of the bed. I felt so miserable, I couldn’t move…I could feel that this was going to shoot up fast. I kid you not…in less than 15 minutes, I must have hurled 6 times for a solid minute! Every bit of poison was expelled from my system and I felt completely better. I had a wonderful night’s sleep and was able to enjoy my next meal the next day. I’ve heard about the horrors of food poisoning and stories from others taking several days to get over it. Thank God I was able to get over it so fast because of my Young Living arsenal.

Then I had Vaginal yeast infection, I’ve used Young Living’s Aroma Siez and Dragon Time. Dilute 1-2 drops in 1 oz. V6 Mixing Oil or Massage Oil Base and use in a douche once daily for two weeks. This recipe is the one I used a long time ago. It worked so well, I was back to normal in 36 hours!! The V6 Mixing Oil is the only carrier oil I trust as far as purity. (note: all of the products mentioned here are available through my website). I haven’t had a yeast infection now in years since using AlkaLime supplement everyday to help balance my pH. ~ April

* * *

Irregular Calcium Deposits in Breast
Three weeks ago a mammogram showed irregular calcium deposits in my right breast. The radiologist put great pressure on me to have a biopsy done immediately. I elected not to do the biopsy because it is so radical.

I had blood drawn for the AMAS test for antibodies that detects cancer 19 months before a biopsy and sent it off overnight in dry ice to Oncolab in Boston. I started the regimen shown in the Essential Oils Desk Reference to deter cancer. I take 6 drops of Frankincense, 4 drops Ledum with Almond Oil in a 00 capsule daily. I rub Frankincense daily over the three middle toes on each foot. I rub 16 drops Frankincense, 12 drops Lavender and 3 drops Clove into each breast for 4 days and leave it off for 4 days. I have started AlkaLime to get my Ph balance more Alkaline. I have started 10 drops of liquid mineral essence under my tongue each morning. I have had a lymphatic massage each week.

The change in my breast tissue has been astounding. The thick tissue has softened with only a small hard area left. There has been no pain. I expect to go over the blood test results with my internist on Monday. I am lucky because he goes along with my alternative approach in lieu of a biopsy. I have started meditation and visualization. I am feeling great. I will not go through radiation or chemotherapy. Dorothy

* * *

This specially designed alkaline mineral powder contains an array of high-alkaline salts and other yeast/fungus-fighting elements, such as citric acid and essential oils. It’s precisely balanced, acid-neutralizing mineral formulation helps preserve the body’s proper pH balance–the cornerstone of health. By boosting blood alkalinity, yeast and fungus are deprived of the acidic terrain they require to flourish. The effectiveness of other essential oils is enhanaced when the body’s blood and tissue are alkaline.

AlkaLime may help reduce the following signs of acid-based yeast and fungus dominance:
fatigue/low energy, unexplained aches and pains, overweight conditions, low resistance to illness, allergies, headaches, irritability/mood swings, indigestion, colitis/ulcers, diarrhea/constipation, urinary tact infection, and rectal/vaginal itch.

Companion Young Living Products:

Essentialzyme (item # 3272)
Mineral Essence (item # 3222)
MultiGreens (item # 3248)
Royaldophilus (item # 3284)
NingXia Red juice (item # 3003)

Companion Young Living Therapeutic-grade Essential Oils:

Di-Gize (item # 3324)
Purification (item # 3399)
Thieves (item # 3423),
Peppermint (item # 3614)
Spearmint (item # 3638)

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Young Living has the highest quality therapeutic-grade essential oils available and you should NEVER try to use other brands of essential oils the same way you would typically use the Young Living brand. Read more about the importance of purity

Learn more about making the switch from poisonous products to safe solutions.

The information provided here is for educational purposes only and is not intended as diagnosis, treatment, or prescription of any kind. The decision to use, or not to use, any information is the sole responsibility of the reader.

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