Dream Sweet – essential oil recipes promote good sleep

Before you use or ingest any essential oil MAKE CERTAIN of it’s therapeutic-grade quality!

98% of the essential oils sold today are NOT suitable for inhalation, topical application or ingesting. NEVER attempt to use another brand of essential oil like you would use a Young Living oil, I don’t care how cheap it is – you will harm yourself and your kids! 


I do not recommend Valerian for infants and small children. 

Always use essential oils responsibly and keep out of reach of children.

Remember, kids are much smaller than us and some have special needs. Always dilute an essential oil with a carrier oil (Young Living’s V-6 massage oil, or olive or almond oil) for use on children ages 4+ – mix one drop essential oil to one tablespoon carrier oil.

Infants: NEVER apply any essential oil directly to an infants skin, they are way to potent. Instead, put a drop in your palm, rub your palms together and put the essential oil on yourself or gently brush over babies clothing.

6 years and upward: always use a carrier oil (Young Living’s V-6 massage oil, or olive or almond oil) and massage onto soles of feet. 

These recipes are for adults, they can be adapted for kids by making them much more diluted.


3 drops lavender essential oil
1 drop clary sage essential oil

Mix 3 drops lavender and 1 drop clary sage with a teaspoon of milk or cream. Add to a warm bath & soak.

~ o ~


4 drops lavender essential oil
4 drops of roman chamomile essential oil

Add lavender and chamomile to a teaspoon milk or cream. Pour into a warm bath and soak.

Or, add lavender and chamomile in a Cold-Air Diffuser or Ultrasonic Diffuser and diffuse in your bedroom. (see these diffuser’s at my website)

~ o ~


4 drops Lavender
1 drop Petitgrain
1 drop Frankincense
4 Tablespoons of massage oil, almond or olive oil

This blend may be added to a warm bath (about a tablespoon of the massage oil blend). 
Or, you can blend the essential oils 4 times the proportions and use in a Cold-Air Diffuser.

~ o ~

Valerian is also known to promote restful sleep.


Get therapeutic-grade essential oils at my website!


Information found here refers solely to products from Young Living Essential Oils and is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. We urge you to do the health related research necessary to learn what is right for you. Young Living uses only organic therapeutic grade oils. Perfume grade or poor quality oils may possibly be harmful due to unknown additives and poor plant or distillation conditions.

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