Make Your Own Nontoxic Dryer Sheets with Essential Oils

I keep being reminded, almost daily, because the weather is lovely and my windows are open just how many people use dryer sheets. The nasty smell of the dryer sheets goes out the exhaust vent of the dryer and into the air. I know this because my neighbors at my apartment complex use those VERY toxic sheets thinking they’re benefitting themselves and their laundry.

The smell gets into the air and blows right into my apartment. I don’t know about you – but the those dryer sheets, or anything with “fragrance” makes me sick.

If they make you sick too – post a comment on my blog about it, we want to hear your story too.

What many don’t realize is not only are those toxic chemicals getting into our air and environment, buy they’re also being absorbed into the skin of the people who wear the clothing or sleep on the bed linens of laundry dried with those dryer sheets.

So, here’s a recipe to make your own dryer sheets! It’s fast, easy, inexpensive, 100% nontoxic (ONLY if you use therapeutic-grade essential oils though!), smells terrific, and they are beneficial for your laundry, you and the environment.


Take a dampened washcloth with 10 drops of lavender, lemon, melaleuca (Tea Tree), bergamot, or other essential oil Therapeutic-grade essential oils can be found here. While the oils will not reduce static cling, they will impart a lovely fragrance to the clothes.


Static cling is the DIRECT result of “over-drying” your laundry.

To stop static cling, experiment a little – either turn the temp down a little or shorten the length of time, or a little of both. You CAN prevent static cling by following this tip. My laundry never has static cling simply because I practice this. I also do not use laundry detergents, bleach or fabric softeners – click here to discover what I use and swear by!

Learn more about making the switch to safe solutions.

A safe, scented solution to toxic dryer sheets make your own dryer sheets using Young Living essential oils!


Get Young Living essential oils here!


CAUTION: I cannot vouch for any ther brand of essential oil in regards to whether or not it will stain your laundry. Too many companies extend their low quality essential oils with greasey oils and those are quite likely to stain your laundry and I do NOT recommend them. Also, if the essential oil is not therapeutic grade you will be putting toxins into the air, environment and your laundry.

An update to this post: If you want to see something funny, visit this blog – someone thought that using dryer sheets to remedy “stinky shoes” was a good idea. I was happy to see their readers posted comments to the contrary!

Read about How Allergies are Acquired

Yes, you can use Young Living essential oils to rid your shoes of that stinky shoe odor!

10 thoughts on “Make Your Own Nontoxic Dryer Sheets with Essential Oils

  1. Dryer sheets
    What do you do? I have been complaining to my husband for years about this topic. I wrote to our homeowners assoc. Our neighbors are Mexican with a large extended family and I beleive doing a laundry business on the side. The dryer is constantly running. I can’t open my windows, the smell still gets into my house as the vent is very close to my house about 20 ft ouside my livingrom window. and when I walk outside it’s a toxic cloud. I get headaches. It’s hard to do yard work when their dryer is on. I put a couple roof tiles around the exhaust to try and keep it from consuming my house. Can you plant something next to it maybe? I ride my bike around the neighborhood and smell it all the time. The air is being polluted and the The government should ban the use of them. I am just getting stared on essestial oils what a difference it makes. Thanks for letting me vent.

  2. In the defense of many–I honestly don’t think that many people are truly aware of how toxic these items that have become so everyday, truly are. I did not until recently–I am now in the process of switching to all natural products that I can make at home but I never knew and am finding in my conversations with people, that many don’t–and they certainly don’t realize how easy it is to be more health/environment safe, conscious. I think we can lose the bitterness.

  3. I’m very excited to try this tip out. I didn’t know just how toxic they were but assumed anything that chemical-laden couldn’t be good for me or the environment.

    re: the static cling conversation… I read that adding 1/2 cup of vinegar to your wash will soften clothes and help prevent static as well. It has the added benefit of removing odors as well. And, no chemicals!

  4. I don’t know about toxicity in dryer sheets but they ARE handy for many household uses. I’ve never had stinky shoes but my daughter does and dryer sheets would sure be better than nothing! They can also be used on flyaway hair, if you don’t mind your hair smelling like laundry. Personally, I love the scent of dryer sheets and laundromats, so the scent doesn’t bother me.

  5. I too have a problem with dryer sheets venting into my apartment on the 8th floor. It is a terrible smell and makes it hard to breathe.

  6. to remove static cling and reduce drying time…..use wool balls!! you don’t have to buy them, you can make them. i just went to hobby lobby (a craft store) and purchased a foot of wool in the fabric dept. then made it into a ball and tied it together with twine. works like a charm!

    i suffered for years with skin allergies to the chemicals and fragrances put in laundry soaps and dryer sheets. I used nothing, but when I found a product to buy wool balls I couldn’t resist making them and trying it out! glad i did! it seriously cuts down the drying time!!!

  7. I just started making my own laundry soap. I use the vinegar for softening and for cutting the musty smell in the towels, lavender sachets to scent my laundry and for the static I just made some felted wool dryer balls and that is suposed to help alot. I’ve never had such clean and fresh smelling laundry. :)

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