Repelling Moths in Your Closet and Drawers with Essential Oils

Trying to keep insects out of our clothing closets, trunks and drawers to preserve our clothing can be challenging with the options avialable on the market. Moth balls are very toxic, they also smell REALLY bad – gag!

The other more natural things, like little bags of dried herbs that look pretty, aren’t terribly effective (learn why).

Here is a quick and easy little recipe tip for help keep those nasty little buggers from eating your clothing. If you already have some of hose cedar shapes and the scent has faded try putting a couple drops of Young Living’s Cedarwood and Clove essential oils on them.

There’s also another essential oil that I think “might” be helpful in repelling insects, it’s called Palo Santo. It works real well down in the jungles of Ecuador, keeps the fleas and ticks away from my dog – so it may work at repelling moths and other insects??? Read more about repelling insects…

If you don’t have or don’t want to use wood, put a couple drops of essential oil on a cotton ball, and put the cotton ball in a lightweight fabric pouch, or old stocking foot and hang from your clothing rack.

For the best results, use a pure therapeutic-grade essential oil, such as Young Living – and enjoy the wonderful freshen scent!

Learn more about how to get Young Living essential oils and other nontoxic solutions, or visit my website to purchase Young Living’s essential oils.

One thought on “Repelling Moths in Your Closet and Drawers with Essential Oils

  1. Hello – I found your post searching for moth repellent essential oils.

    I wanted to suggest that you can use pine cones to put essential oils into. I’m trying cedar with lavender and geranium. Once the pine cone is sprinkled with the essential oil I put it in a shot glass in the linen cupboard – and the sheets smell really nice!

    You’re right about the commercial alternatives – I put a (so called) lavender one in a wardrobe recently and it completely overpowered the room – I even started getting asthma – which I haven’t suffered from for many years.


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