Soles of Our Feet – what and how much can they absorb topically?

I can’t find the website I was at the other day to give you the link, I believe it was a blog by some guy in the military. What they were talking about was how it was recommended to apply Vick’s VapoRub on the soles of your feet to help clear congestion, coughing, toe-nail fungus, etc. and how it really worked.

When I was a kid we had Vick’s in the house and we used it all the time. What I know now that I didn’t then, that’s a product made from petro chemicals.

The pores on the soles of our feet are fairly large. They absorb things pretty well. Us Young Living essential oil lover’s are always rubbing our essential oils on the soles of our feet because we know that it works. Read more about foot application of essential oils…

Over the years what I’ve become more aware of is my feet, what they’re exposed to, what’s touching them, what’s being put on them intentionally and unintentionally. This awareness of my feet s a direct reflection of my usage of essential oils.It is amazing what the skin and feet can absorb. Even when I take my dog for a walk in the park, many other dogs walk there too, I’m very careful where I step.

This has also resulted in my being much more conscious of what goes on my floors. If I’m walking around barefoot, any surface my feet touch, the potential for my feet to absorb what’s on the floor is very real. I think of all the households that use the wide array of chemical laden floor and carpet cleaning products. And in those households, all the kids and pets that are on those floors and what they are in close contact to and absorbing. We are really allowing ourselves, kids and our pets to come into direct contact with some pretty nasty and hazardous stuff. Read about Thieves Household Cleaner…

I wonder, just how much are we under estimating the ability of our feet, and skin in general, to absorb.

There are much safer products to rub on the soles of our feet and chests when we don’t feel well. All the more reason to READ those LABELS. Almost daily I rub some Young Living essential oil or combination oils of on my feet or body. It’s what I do to stay well or to feel better.

It also demonstrates the importance of the quality of essential oil or other products that we casually slather on or bodies. Of course, the only essential oils I use and recommend are therapeutic grade. I would never dram of using the cheap and novelty aromatherapy products the same way I use the therapeutic grade Young Living oils.

I hope that the guy whose blog I saw the other day finds my blog and reads this post. I hate to think that our guys are being exposed to yet another unsafe thing. If you guys are reading this, you can get the real deal at my website and see what happens when you have some good stuff to rub on your feet and chests.

The essential oil blend I typically use is called, R.C. I also feel that when I’m congested, coughing, stuffy – the addition of Cypress essential oil with R.C. works real well for me.


Get Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils here.


If you want to see something funny, visit this blog – someone thought that using dryer sheets to remedy “stinky shoes” was a good idea. I was happy to see their readers posted comments to the contrary!

A friend just the other day told me she was having trouble finding new socks for hr husband that were NOT treated with some sort of antibacterial to control foot odor. I sure hope that this type of product doesn’t become popular, our exposure to these manmade products is not at all healthy for us and ultimately end up being quite problematic.

4 thoughts on “Soles of Our Feet – what and how much can they absorb topically?

  1. Comment…
    Vicks seems to be a standard thing in lots of houses growing up. The foot fungus suggestion for vicks to kill toenail fungus seems to be somewhat legit in that it contains the active ingredient thymol. It’s the same thing used in listerine to fight mouth germs. Neo

    My response…
    Yes, Vicks is one option. However, Vicks contains petro chemicals – which means they too are being absorbed into your body – not everyone wants petrochemicals in their tissues, organs and brain.

    This is an alternative option for people who wish to choose products that will not leave poisonous chemicals in their bodies.

    As far as Listerine goes… it’s basically the same sort of thing. They are not using a therapeutic-grade quality essential oil that is intact. They’ve isolated one constituent from a plant, thymol possibly from thyme in this case (there are other herbs that contain thymol), because it is so effective.

    The problem with using an isolated ingredient is that the user is missing out on a ‘complete’ component. The other constituents in the herbs/healing plants are in there for a reason. For instance, sometimes the other constituents prevent that plant or essential oil from being toxic to humans. The commercial industry only takes and extracts an isolated or ‘active ingredient’ from natural source because that way they can patent it – right now, you cannot patent something from nature (unless you’re Monsanto and are taking many popular plant species and GM them so you can profit, read more about that here and see an excellent video).

    I and many others prefer to have their products ‘whole’ and the way they were mention to be used. They’ve also combined Listerine with other synthetic’s and chemicals. So like I said… these are options for people who do ‘not’ want unnecessary ingredients and chemicals in the products they buy.

    Who cares if a commercial product works if it’s doing other things to your body that are detrimental. ~ Evelyn

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