Latest S-ORAC Scores for all the Popular Antioxidant Juices

Here are the scores of “equal” portions of the most popular antioxidant juices on the market. A Little Birdie told me… some companies have been misleading people very cleverly, that their antioxidant energy juice scores are the highest among competitors and they have documentation from Brunswick Lab to prove it.

NingXia Red

NingXia Red

This is the clever part, what they are “not” telling you is that they’re not comparing equal size amounts of their competitors against theirs. Hmmm, imagine that!

When you take into account the scores from an assortment of brands, you will clearly see that with some it would take an entire truckload to equal one ounce of NingXia Red!

Here is the S-ORAC activity of “equal” size portions:

1 – Sibu-Balance

1 – Tahitian Noni

1.2 – Frequent Sea

2 – Via Viente

8 – Goyin

9 – Xango

13 – Xocai

33 – Monavie (check out this Free Bee Gas Scam!)

43 – G3

68 – Himalayan Goji (a CBC MarketPlace News interview and video on Goji)

85 – Ageless Xtra

87 – Vibe

363 – NingXia Red

Clearly, these activity scores show NingXia Red does have the highest S-ORAC, ORAC, and SOD (superoxide neutralizing capacity) activity among its competitors [results are from the third party Brunswick Lab].

Get NingXia Red here!

One ounce of NingXia Red:

300% DV – Vitamin C

19 – Calories

15 mg – Sodium

4 g – Total Crabs

3 .4 g – Sugar (sweetened with Agave. Not junk juices, sugar or artificial sweeteners like the competitors!)

.65 g – Protein

18 Amino Acids

21 Trace Minerals

6 Essential Fatty Acids

Vitamins: B1, B2, B6, and Vitamin E

More Beta Carotene than Carrots

More C than Oranges

You would have to consume daily to equal one ounce of NingXia Red:

4 Pounds of Carrots
2 Quarts of Carrot Juice
8 Oranges
1 Pint of Orange Juice
2 Pounds of Beets
2 Cups of Raspberries
2 Cups of Blueberries

How much does NingXia Red cost?

For the cost of a Star Buck’s coffee you can have 2-4 servings of NingXia Red juice per day!

· NingXia Red 1 liter bottle (#3003 US) costs $1.17 per 1 oz. serving
· NingXia Red 2 Pack (#3023 US) costs $1.13 per 1 oz. serving
· NingXia Red 4 Pack (#3043 US) costs $1.10 per 1 oz. serving
· NingXia Red Combo Pack (#4700 US) costs $1.25 per 1 oz. serving
· NingXia Red Singles 30 Pack (#3168 US) costs $1.33 per 1 oz. serving
· NingXia Red Singles 100 Pack (#3169 US) costs $1.15 per 1 oz. serving

* these costs are based on the “wholesale/distributor” prices, learn more about the membership choices. [Note: being a wholesale customer does NOT mean you have to buy a set amount every single month]. If you prefer to be a “retail” member, simply add 24% . For example: the 1 liter bottle, 1 oz. would cost $1.54 per serving.

Get NingXia Red here!

2 thoughts on “Latest S-ORAC Scores for all the Popular Antioxidant Juices

  1. Hi,

    I am at the beginnings of a Zrii business. Are you able to provide me an ORAC score to help me in my evaluation??


  2. Hello Bob,

    I don’t have the ORAC scores for Zrii, actually I had never heard of it before – so I Googled it. On the Zrii website I could not find anything about the nutrition, studies, lab results, or even a listing of all the ingredients and how the ingredients are processed.

    I was thinking Zrii probably doesn’t have much going for it when I spotted another Google result, so I checked it out (you will want to read these two articles also)…

    After reading these two articles I concluded that was why I’ve never heard of Zrii, nor do I have any ORAC info on the product… it doesn’t even have any antioxidant value. From what I can tell, Zrii and Himalayan Goji rank about the same in nutrition, nothing worth writing home about, both hype and fiction. You can learn more about Himalayan Goji Juice here

    If I were you, I would stay clear of Zrii and save my money.

    I hope this is helpful, sorry the news wasn’t better.

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