Are Vaccines Safe? A look at vaccines without a conflict of interest…

What ever happened to questioning authority? Why are we so willing to believe that vaccines are good for us? Where are the studies that “prove” vaccines ever eradicated anything? Have we been told the truth about vaccines? Should we believe what we’ve been told about vaccines?

I watched this video on vaccines a few nights ago. I would say that there is indeed much more we need to know “before” we follow like good little sheep to the nearest Well Baby Clinic, Flu Shot Line, or doctor.

Mary Tocco has been investigating childhood vaccines for over 27 years and has thousands of hours invested in this informative DVD. You can now benefit from her dedication and hard work… she has passionately put it all together for you so that you can cut through the confusion without investing years of your time!

This film, “Are Vaccines Safe?” covers…

• When did we begin to use vaccines?

• What makes the current vaccines so much more hazardous?

• What are the “laws” and your individual options/rights to waive vaccines?

• Is the Government doing anything about the problems with toxic childhood vaccines?

• Specific shots that still contain thimerosal and other neurotoxins.

• Vaccine ingredients and growth mediums used to produce them.

• Autism and the vaccine connection including the MMR and Thimerosal.

• Symptoms of autism and other neuro auto immune illnesses which may be caused from vaccines.

• Every state autism increase rate charts for the last 10 years.

• References to studies on increase illness due to polio vaccine, measles vaccine, sudden infant death (SIDS) rubella, diphtheria, pertussis and many others.

• Charts and statements from top doctors and researchers around the country.

• Help! My child is sick. A chapter presenting Dr. DeMio, toxicologist and father of a son who regressed into severe autism after his shots. Dr. DeMio has now dedicated his life to helping children who have been injured from vaccine toxins. Information for parents who have children with autism and other autoimmune illnesses. Dr. DeMio will answer how to begin the process to rebuild their health, improve their quality of life?

• The best web sites for further research.

• What are you consenting to when you sign those vaccine consent forms – and what are your rights.

• And much, much more.

[This video is long but worth watching, give it a few minutes to load before you click the play button.]

Get the DVD, “Are Vaccines Safe” here!

Vaccine Companies Investigated for Manslaughter

A formal investigation has been launched by French authorities against two managers from drug companies GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi Pasteur. A second investigation for manslaughter has also been opened against Sanofi Pasteur MSD.

The investigations are in response to allegations that the companies failed to fully disclose side effects from an anti-hepatitis B drug used between 1994 and 1998.

During this time, close to two-thirds of the French population, and almost all newborn babies, received a hepatitis B vaccine. The vaccination campaign was halted after concerns rose over the shot’s side effects.

Thirty plaintiffs, including the families of five people who died after the vaccination, have launched a civil action in the case against the drug companies. Read more…

Visit Childhood

Report or Review Vaccine Side Effects

A Cavity Preventing Vaccine is on the way, Good News or Bad?

Fluoride in drinking water, processed foods, and the environment – Christopher Bryson covers the Fluoride Deception

My feelings on vaccines: I will never have one again, no matter what – I don’t trust them. In the meantime, I am going to use my Young Living “Chelex Tincture” and my Young Living therapeutic-grade Lemon essential oil (do not use other brands as they are not suitable for ingesting) to get these toxins out of my body.

Get Young Living products here!

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