Make your own Vick’s Vaporub – with nontoxic ingredients

A Brief History of Vick’s Vaporub

In 1905 a pharmacist by the name of Richardson from North Carolina wanted to create an ointment to decongest sinuses and relieve chest congestion. He blended menthol – which was newly discovered at that time and was simply an extract from oil of peppermint – and petroleum jelly. He called it Richardson’s Croup and Pneumonia Cure Salve. The suggested use was to rub on the forehead and chest and the idea was that the body heat would vaporize it. It stimulated blood circulation and opened blocked sinuses.

The demand for this salve became huge, and there was a desire for a catchier name. Richardson named the ointment in honor of his brother-in-law Joshua Vick. Vick’s Vaporub was advertised in many places with coupons for free trial jars. Richardson also convinced the United States Postal Service to institute a new policy allowing him to send out ads for Vicks Vaporub addressed to ‘Boxholder’ only – which, by the way, was the beginning of ‘junk mail.’

The Spanish Flu in 1918 that killed twenty-five million people, sent sales of Vicks soaring. Is this great history or what?

Make our own chest rub without harmful petro chemicals and include therapeutic-grade essential oils…

Peppermint-Oil-2013We know that many of the AFNOR-ISO graded essential oils, such as Young Living’s, have anti-viral and anti-bacterial qualities, right? And, if you haven’t had the experience of therapeutic-grade Peppermint essential oil opening up your sinuses, you haven’t experienced the true meaning of ‘a breath of fresh air’ – so understandably Vick’s would be effective.

Buy therapeutic-grade essential oil here

What we put on our skin gets absorbed into the body, our brains, fat cells, tissues, liver, lymphatic system, and more…

We don’t like petroleum or petro chemicals of any kind because of their toxic effects on the body. Anything applied on the skin does get absorbed into the body, even chemicals in the air can be absorbed through the skin.

As the years pass and I have more and more experiences with Young Living’s essential oils I continually gain a deeper appreciation of just how much our body can absorb through our largest organ, the skin. This has resulted in my being much more aware of what my skin and feet in particular touch. When you apply an essential oil to the soles of the feet, within 20 minutes that essential oil is in every cell, the blood stream, and lymphatic system, amazing!Eucalyptus-radiata-4

This is why you never want to apply one of the cheap novelty aromatherapy oils on your skin, they are toxic! Read more on what’s the difference.

Just imagine what can get absorbed through your feet when you walk across a still wet floor that’s been cleaned with a chemical floor cleaner, or walking across damp carpet that’s just been shampooed with a chemical carpet shampoo! All the more reason why we would want toxic products out of our homes, lives, and environment! Here’s a much better and extremely effective solution for your floor, surface, and laundry cleaning needs.
Today, there are many safe and natural salves and lotions to use as a base for essential oils to make our own nontoxic Vick’s chest rub. And peppermint is one of those oils you want to dilute before topical application.

Petrochemical-free base ointments to use as salves for a chest rub mixture are:

  • Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Young Living Rose Ointment, and
  • Young Living’s Animal Scents Pet Ointment (don’t let the name turn you away, Young Living’s pet products are nontoxic and can be used for humans too – because our pet’s deserve the finest! You will love the ingredients in this very effective ointment).

Get the Young Living essential oils and products mentioned here!

5 thoughts on “Make your own Vick’s Vaporub – with nontoxic ingredients

  1. Essential oils are where it’s at, I make my own flu remedy. I use a couple drops of oregano oil, taken internally. Then tea tree oil on a hot damp cloth, nice deep breaths, when the cloth gets cold a micro wave does wonders. The first time you try this it’ll take your breath away, but it works! The next day I’m back to work. These oils have been used for thousands of years. My new project is re-doing mentholatum rub.

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