Young Living Essential Oils and Tiny Ants

This is my story about Young Living Essential Oils and tiny ants… hundreds of them! Wouldn’t you know, as soon as you tell someone, “I don’t have any personal testimonial about how to get rid of ants because I’ve never had an ant problem”… presto… you come home from dining out and see hundreds and hundreds of tiny ants spanning some 30 feet on the exterior of my house! Yup, they were going in and out of the top of the living room window and lined up clear the way down to the eaves above the bedroom window.

So, I went to my Young Living essential oil case and got the two essential oils that I had just hours earlier recommended to a client for her ant problem. Those two essential oils are Peppermint and a blend called Purification. I’ve read many testimonials over the years from Young Living oil users how those two essential oils did the trick.

Here’s what I did…

I got out a spray bottle (the kind you would use to mist a plant) filled it with water and put 20 drops of each, Peppermint and Purification essential oils. I then shook the bottle and went outside and started misting the ants, giving the bottle a shake every so often.

My boyfriend got out the ladder to reach the rest running along the siding up near the eaves.

The results…

The ants slowed down immediately upon being sprayed. Within a minute or two they appeared to be dead. Some of them ran up under the siding to take cover and came out about an hour later – at which point we sprayed them again. They too slowed down immediately and within a minute or so were dead.

While we were spraying…

We gave Bandit a spray too, there are a lot of ticks around here. I’m not certain if that mixture keeps ticks away – we usually use Palo Santo on him (to see Bandit click here) (Bandits favorite essential oil). My boyfriend covered Bandits eyes while I spritzed (you never want to get essential oils in your eyes or your pets). When I finished spritzing him my boyfriend rubbed the mixture into Bandits coat, he always enjoys a vigorous rub-down. I can’t tell if that mixture is going to keep the ticks away yet but I will say this… Bandit smelled terrific! 

Did the essential oils eliminate the ants…

Well, it’s a little more than 24 hours later, I kept checking today to see how the ant situation was and I would say the most ants I saw was maybe 20. I’d say to go from hundreds to about 20 is pretty good results – I know we’re pleased. I’ll keep an eye on it and report any updates at later dates.

We also discovered a wood-boring wasp / bee munching a hole into the eaves of the porch. We tried the Peppermint and Purification mixture on him and it didn’t kill him. Tomorrow we’re going to try Thieves Spray and see if that does the trick – I’ll keep you posted!

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