Deep Relief for My Shoulder & Neck Pain

I woke this morning with pain in my left shoulder and left side of my neck – I think I slept with my neck bent funny. You know the kind of pain I’m referring to, that nagging pain that makes you feel like if it doesn’t go away soon you’ll end up with a headache.

I went out onto the porch to enjoy the early morning misty fog of the Smoky mountains and listen to the couple dozen birds sing their songs. I had just sat down when I noticed a package at the far end of the porch… ooooooooh, it has the newest Young Living products inside! The Young Living auto delivery program, Essential Rewards, allows you to get whatever products “you” want. With over 400 to choose from some months it’s challenging to decide which ones I want after I’ve selected the handful of staples I need.

So this month I had chosen 50% of the new products Young Living just came out with a week ago (next month I’ll get the other 50% of them). There was one new product in that package that I knew I was going to try right now because I knew Gary Young developed it just for the type of pain I was experiencing, a new essential oil blend in a RollOn… “Deep Relief.”

I had read the literature and heard some of my Young Living friends, who had already gotten their order, talk about how terrific the 3 new Roll-On essential oils were. I got the Deep Relief open and rolled it on my neck and shoulder. Wow, it did glide on like butter like my friend Marilee said! These roll-on applicators have metal balls, rather than plastic… Marilee is right, it felt as smooth as butter. It smells really nice too!

Buy Deep Relief and any of the other Young Living products here.

Now for the real test… did it work???

Within 3 minutes there was zero pain in my neck and shoulder. I could also feel the part of the pain that was on the verge of giving me a headache went completely away too! 

This is an interesting thing I’ve learned over my many years of using the Young Living essential oils… if I’ve chosen the right oil for my problem I know within 30 seconds to 3 minutes if the oil I picked was the right one for my problem.  

Granted not all problems can be fixed or healed within 30 seconds to 3 minutes as some complaints are simply bigger and perhaps more complex and require a longer period of time. But one thing I always see when I apply a Young Living essential oil topically… if it is the right oil I can always see some sort of improvement FAST which indicates to me that I’ve applied the right essential oil. Clearly, the therapeutic grade essential oils from Young Living are unlike novelty aromatherapy and cheaply made essential oils products on the market and you will not get the same results.


Get Deep Relief RollOn and other Young Living Essential Oils here! 


Three NEW Young Living Essential Oil Roll On’s

Deep Relief Essential Oil Roll-On 

A proprietary blend of therapeutic grade essential oils specially formulated to relieve muscle soreness and tension. Peppermint, Wintergreen, Copal, and Palo Santo essential oils as well as others play an integral part of healing in this blend. Deep Relief is offered in the portable convenience of a roll on application. Small enough to fit in purse or shirt pocket – big on helping to relieve pain.

Tranquil Essential Oil Roll-On

A proprietary blend of lavender, cedarwood and roman chamomile essential oils formulated to calm and relax the body and mind. Using the new roll on application, Tranquil provides convenient and portable relaxation.

Valor® Essential Oil Roll-On

An empowering combination of therapeutic-grade essential oils that works with both the physical and spiritual aspects of the body to increase feelings of strength, courage, and self-esteem in the face of adversity. Valor is one of the most popular blends – renowned for its strengthening qualities, Valor enhances an individual’s internal resources. It has also been found to help energy alignment in the body. Terrific when applied at the beginning of a chiropractic session or other body work treatment!

Get the YL Roll-On’s here!

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