Can You Raise Your Vibrational Frequency With Essential Oils?

by Young Living Essential Oils Distributor, Curt Siters

Ever since I learned about essential oils having a frequency I have tried to find information on how frequency would affect healing. To date all I have uncovered is a lot of quoting from one or two sources about what frequency is and what the  frequencies are of various oils. No one is even touching on how the frequency of an oil assists the healing process.

One of the erroneous quotes that I frequently came across is “Frequency is defined as a measurable rate of electrical energy flow that is constant between any two points.” That statement is more in line with the definition of voltage and not frequency.

Frequency, in the physical sense, is “the number of cycles or completed alternations per unit time of a wave or oscillation”  usually measured in cycles per second or Hertz, named after the physicist and not the car rental company. The most visible example  of frequency is a wave, be it on the ocean, lake or pond. The surface of the water goes up to a peak down to a trough and  back up to a peak. That is a cycle. How many times this happens in a second gives you the frequency. Another example would be  the pendulum on a clock.

Another aspect to a wave is the amplitude (the absolute value of the maximum displacement from a zero value during one period of an oscillation.) Or, to put it more simply the maximum distance it travels from a point at the middle of the oscillation before starting to return to that central point. For example lets look at the pendulum of a clock. When it points straight down it is at the reference point. When it  swings as far to the left or right as it can it would be at its’ maximum displacement – the horizontal distance would be the  amplitude. A whisper has a lower amplitude than normal speech which in turn has a lower amplitude than yelling.

One other thing about waves, when comparing two or more of them, is phase – relating to how in synch they are – which is  measured in degrees. For example (this is a little extreme but I am sure you will grasp the idea) two people are wearing the  same pants – I mean the same physical pair – at the same time. They try to walk. If they move the same foot at the same time  they are in synch (a phase of 0 degrees) and can walk. If they try to move opposite feet they are out of synch (a phase of  180 degrees) and cannot walk.

Other things that have a frequency, that may or may not be apparent are energy, alternating (see the definition in the  previous article) current or AC, sound and light. Atoms, for most people, would not seem to have a frequency, but they do. As  I have come to discover the earth and the human body also have a frequency. 

When atoms join together to form molecules each atoms’ frequency becomes a part of the whole.

Everything I have read to date just talks about frequency. Nothing is mentioned about amplitude. They talk about increasing your frequency, but, is that a good idea?

A visual representation of a wave by plotting the amplitude.

A visual representation of a wave by plotting the amplitude.

An oscilloscope is used to create a visual representation of a wave by plotting the  amplitude at any given point in time. It would look something like the image to the left with the amplitude measured  vertically and the frequency measured horizontally. A larger amplitude would give you higher peaks and lower valleys while a  lower frequency will give you fewer peaks and valleys on the screen and higher frequency will give you more.

For the oscilloscope images in this article I used an online oscilloscpe simulator.


An example of lower frequency and a greater amplitude.

An example of lower frequency and a greater amplitude.


Some oscilloscopes are capable of displaying more than one frequency at a time. If you were to do this you might get something like the second image. The second wave has a lower frequency and a greater amplitude.

In the world of physics which studies motion and energy (among other things) waves can pass through each other, however they do affect each other. To see a real world example just fill your bathtub with water, grab a couple of good size stones (not  so big they will damage your tub), and drop them in at the same time and watch. If you have a bathtub mat drop them on that. If you don’t try putting in a couple of towels for them to land on. You will see that they pass through each other and keep  going until they hit the wall of the tub and are reflected back.

Now try it again and this time watch as the waves meet each other – look very carefully. What you will see when they meet is  that the crest of the waves, when they meet will become larger and where the troughs meet will be deeper. If you can’t see it  try it again but increse the height you drop the stones from.

This image shows what happens when 2 waves cross.

This image shows what happens when 2 waves cross.


You may not see all the nuances but the image to the left shows what happens when 2 waves cross.

This is neat, but, how can this help heal someone? From here on out it is pure conjecture as I don’t have access to laboratory conditions to do any tests.

Taking a closer look at the previous picture you will notice something else when compared to the second picture. The wave  form has become distorted. In the first picture the waveform has 5 uniform peaks. The second waveform, added in picture 2,  has 1 uniform peak.

Frequency wave form.

Frequency wave form.

The resulting wave has 5 non-uniform peaks. The highest peak and the lowest valley have a greater amplitude. So, if the lower frequency wave represents the human body (which has a measured  frequency of 62 to 68 MHz) and the higher frequency wave is an essential oil (ranging in frequency from about 52 MHz to 320  MHz) it appears that according to the laws of physics the frequency of one wave cannot change the frequency of another, but  can change the resultant amplitude.

Higher frequency with larger amplitude.

Higher frequency with larger amplitude.

 The wave with the largest amplitude will basically determine what the combined wave looks like. If you notice in the previous image you can see the lower frequency / larger amplitude easier than the higher frequecy / lower amplitude. The next picture shows what it would look like if the higher frequency had the larger amplitude.

If both waves have the same frequency and have a phase of 0 degrees the resulting wave has the same frequency as the original waves and has a greater amplitude. If they are 180 degrees out of phase they will cancel each other out and result in an amplitude of zero with a frequency of zero.

At this point I am willing to bet that you cannot change the frequency of your body. Remember… this is a mental exercise trying to examine how the frequency of an essential oil affects the body.

Well, let’s consider resonance which is the state of a system in which an abnormally large vibration is produced in response to an external stimulus, occurring when the frequency of the stimulus is the same, or nearly the same, as the natural vibration frequency of the system. Basically it is what happens when you bring a vibrating tuning fork with a certain frequency near, or touching, a non-vibrating tuning fork with that has the same frequency.

Looking back a few paragraphs it would pretty much be like the two men wearing the same physical pair of pants at the same time walking in synch. They would be in phase at the same frequency. The amplitude of the second tuning fork would rise from zero to a maximum of the amplitude of the first.

Measured in megahertz (MHz), it was found:

• processed and canned foods had a zero MHz frequency

• fresh produce measured up to 15 MHz

• fresh herbs measured 12-27 MHz

• dry herbs 2-27 MHz.

• a healthy body typically has a range of 62-78 MHz

• disease begins at 58 MHz

• essential oils started at 52 MHz and go as high as 320 MHz, which is the frequency of therapeutic-grade Rose essential oil

So, the frequency of the essential oil might affect a body, or body part, that, or has an inclination to, vibrate at the same frequency as the oil. AromaSiez, listed below, has a frequency of 64MHz and the human body has a frequency of 62-78 MHZ (each of our body parts, organs and tissues has their own frequency as well.) If we were to use the Young Living blend AromaSiez, forgetting about phase, we would not be able to change our body frequency.

However, the amplitude of our bodily vibration would increase. So if our bodys’ amplitude were weak it would give us a boost. An essential oil with a frequency of 128 MHz or 256MHz would work as well due to harmonics (of, pertaining to, or noting a series of oscillations in which each oscillation has a frequency that is an integral multiple of the same basic frequency.) But none of these frequencies would raise our frequency.

Frequency of Young Living Essential Oil Blends:

Abundance 78 MHz
Acceptance 102 MHz
Aroma Life 84 MHz
Aroma Siez 64 MHz
Awaken 89 MHz
Brain Power 78 MHz
Christmas Spirit 104 MHz
Citrus Fresh 90 MHz
Clarity 101 MHz
DiGize 102 MHz
Dragon Time 72 MHz
Dream Catcher 98 MHz
EndoFlex 138 MHz
En-R-Gee 106 MHz
Envision 90 MHz
Exodus II 180 MHz
Forgiveness 192 MHz
Gathering 99 MHz
Gentle Baby 152 MHz
Grounding 140 MHz
Harmony 101 MHz
Hope 98 MHz
Humility 88 MHz
Immupower 89 MHz
Inner Child 98 MHz
Inspiration 141 MHz
Into the Future 88 MHz
Joy 188 MHz
Juva Flex 82 MHz
Magnify /Purpose 99 MHz
Melrose 48 MHz
Mister 147 MHz
Motivation 103 MHz
M-Grain 72 MHz
PanAway 112 MHz
Passion, Live w/ 89 MHz
Peace & Calming 105 MHz
Present Time 98 MHz
Purification 46 MHz
Raven 70 MHz
R.C. 75 MHz
Release 102 MHz
Relieve It 56 MHz
Sacred Mtountain 176 MHz
SARA 102 MHz
Sensation 88 MHz
Surrender 98 MHz
Thieves 150 MHz 
3 Wise Men 72 MHz
Trauma Life 92 MHz
Valor 47 MHz
White Angelica 89 MHz

I still come back to it is the amplitude that changes our frequency and not the frequency that changes our frequency. The only way that an essential oil can change our body frequency is to increase the amplitude of a frequency of a body part that is harmonically the same as the oil to an extent that it becomes the dominating frequency in our body.

So, say for example your heart has a frequency of 400MHz (not the real number just a number I picked to illustrate my point.) An oil with a frequency of 400MHZ would be able to increase the amplitude of the heart frequency. So would 200MHz, 100MHz, 50MHZ, 25MHZ. Also, 800MHZ, 1200MHZ, etc would as well.

By increasing the amplitude of a frequency in effect you start to change the DOMINANT frequency of the system, in our case the body. Using the example above if your dominant bodily frequency was 100MHZ and you increased the amplitude of your heart you could shift your dominant frequency to 400MHZ.

OK, so is this a good thing to do? In physics it depends upon your desired outcome and how much you increase the amplitude. If you increase it too much the effects can be disastrous. For example think about, in music, high C and a crystal wine glass. If there is enough amplitude behind the note the glass will shatter.

Another example is the Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapse near Tacoma Washington as seen in this old video footage. Much like the glass in the above video the effects can be disastrous. What caused this bridge to collapse was 35 mph wind.

It has been shown through studies that people who work around microwave communication dishes tend to develop cancer. Using the accepted model of what cancer is (a fungus) it would seem that the microwave frequency shifts the dominant frequency of our DNA in such a way that unchecked growth occurs. This is, of course, an extreme situation as most of us do not work near microwave communication dishes.

On the other hand, if you raise it to just the right point you can get wonderous results. Take for example the amazing Tibetan Singing Bowls. By slowly increasing the amplitude these metal bowls you  create a wonderfully pleasing sound. Just this past week I came across a sculptor who goes by the name of Marston Blow who creates singing bowls out of clay!

I have also come across many references to Royal Rife and his amazing research into frequency and health. I have seen the  video and I believe it is possible for a machine like his to work, but not for the reasons everyone is thinking.

Royal Rife compiled a table of frequencies and what they affected. He experimented on just about everything from virus’ to cancer. In his case everyone seems to think it is the frequency that kills the virus or cancer or whatever. I am now inclined to believe that frequency allows you target specific things but it is the increase in amplitude that does the actual work.

There is a machine called a lithotriptor that is used in a non-invasive way to treat kidney stones and gall stones. It uses  an externally-applied, focused, high-intensity acoustic pulse to break up the stones into small pieces so they may pass from the body. In the case of the lithotriptor I believe they have it more correct. They have discovered the frequency of the stones and use an increase in amplitude to break them up.

Back to the original question.

Can essential oils raise your frequency? I would say yes with a caveat. It is not so much a raising of the frequency as it is a shift in the dominant frequency.

Article by Curt Siters, ©2008, Young Living Distributor.

Read Curt’s bio in the “About Us‘ page.

Permission to Reprint: This article can be linked to and copied as long as all links and contact info are kept intact and authorship credit goes to Curt Siters.

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3 thoughts on “Can You Raise Your Vibrational Frequency With Essential Oils?

  1. I love this article. I am an active student of Ayurveda and currently researching frequencies’ relationships to the senses. Towards the end of your article you bring up the use of lithotriptors to break up kidney stones. Gokshura is an herb used in Ayurveda to help the passing of kidney stones and it is also by the breaking up of the kidney stones. It makes me curious what the respective frequencies may be of the lithotriptors and gokshura. I would also love to know more about where you ascertained the frequencies of the essential oils listed here and if there are similar compendiums of other oils and/or scents. Really fascinating, thanks for the contribution : )

    Hi Caleb,
    Thank you.

    I don’t know what the frequencies are of any of the Ayurvedic herbs are, I’m not even sure their frequencies have been studied/tested.

    The vibrational frequency results were obtained through the Essential Oils Desk Reference and only pertain to Young Living Essential Oils (we cannot think/expect low quality essential oils to register the same as Young Living’s oils. ~ Evelyn

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I am a musician, a sound healer, and recently became a YL distributor and have been fascinated with info I have read about essential oils and frequencies. When I sat down and really thought about it though the idea of the frequency changing didn’t make sense to me. A friend and fellow musician and I kept coming up with the same idea, that the amplitude would change but not the frequency. I, too, was having an incredibly hard time finding any more detailed information on essential oils and frequency but finding your article was refreshing and inspiring. It’s so great to know there are others who are as interested in learning more about this subject!

    If you find out anything new please let me know. I am so curious!!!


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