Buy or Make Lavender Foaming Hand Soap

Whether you like to make your own soaps or if you prefer to buy them already made Young Living essential oils has the quality therapeutic-grade essential oils you want. Unlike other aromatherapy scented soaps, the YL Lavender essential oil provides the healthful benefits that only properly distilled essential oils provide. Here is a recipe to make your own completely pure Lavender foaming hand soap, or if you prefer you can buy Thieves and Lavender foaming hand soaps (#4803) in the Young Living Seasonal Hand Care Kit Collection already made!

Thieves + Lavender Hand Care Kit

Thieves + Lavender Hand Care Kit

Lavender Foaming Hand Soap Recipe

12 – 16 drops Young Living Lavender essential oil (#3575)

2 Tbsp. Young Living Bath & Shower Gel Base (#3751)
 7 oz. distilled water

1 – 7.1 oz. Foaming Pump bottle (available here)

Pour all ingredients into foaming pump bottle. Decorate the bottle with a label, ribbon, etc. That’s it! 

Get Lavender Essential Oil and the other fine YL products here!

How much does making your own foaming hand soap cost?

A 15 ml bottle of YL Lavender contains about 250 drops, at the wholesale/distributor price each drop costs less than a penny! At most, you will spend about $1.40 worth of Lavender oil, the amount of YL Bath & Shower Gel Base will be about $3, the foaming pump bottle @ $1.10, and some distilled water will bring the total up to approx. $6 per bottle to make a 7.1 oz. bottle of soap. This does not include the cost of tax and shipping.

This is a spa quality, luxurious, all-natural soap you can make for well under $10!

The cost of the YL products does require being a Young Living wholesale customer – which I HIGHLY recommend! Learn more about the membership types here.

25 Ways to Use Young Living Lavender Essential Oil

Need a gift in a hurry?

Keep extra’s of these foaming pump bottles on hand and the basic ingredients so you will always have a wonderful gift you can whip up in just a couple minutes!

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Buy or Make Lavender Foaming Hand Soap

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One thought on “Buy or Make Lavender Foaming Hand Soap

  1. Can I also make my own Thieves Foaming Hand Soap?

    Hi Linda,

    Yes, you can use Thieves, or any other Young Living essential oil. I would not use other brands of essential oils as the quality is not very good and it defeats the purpose of making your own non-toxic products. ~ Evelyn

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