Hair and Scalp Problems Helped by Using Essential Oils

Sulfur is the single most important mineral for maintaining the strength and integrity of the hair and hair follicle. Young Living’s Sulfurzyme supplement may be quite helpful – Sulfurzyme also contains MSM, which supports muscles, joints, allergies and overall skin health – so you may find you’re helping your body in many ways by taking Sulfurzyme.

Single therapeutic-grade essential oils that are known for being good for hair care are: Rosemary, lavender, clary sage, sage,  cedarwood, basil, sandalwood, juniper, ylang ylang, sandalwood, lemon, cypress, rosewood.

Blends to Make Your Own Hair Treatments

Blend for dry hair:

• 2 drops ylang ylang
• 8 drops rosewood
• 4 drops geranium

Blend for oily hair:

• 6 drops patchouli
• 2 drops lavender
• 6 drops lemon

Blend to help with split ends:

• 1 drop rosemary (adds body and conditions hair)
• 3 drops sandalwood
• 1 drop ylang ylang 

Topical Application for the above blends

Dilute one part essential oil to four parts carrier oil (such as Young Living’s V-6), massage 1 tsp into the scalp thoroughly for 2-3  minutes (do not rub and break the hair at the scalp, run fingers through hair, then gently but firmly press fingertips on scalp and move the skin, lift fingers and repeat until entire scalp has been massaged); leave essential oil mixture on scalp for 60-90 minutes. An excellent time to do this  would be during an exercise routine.

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A rinse that helps restore the acid mantle of the hair

• 1 drop rosemary (adds body and conditions hair)

• 1 tsp. pure apple cider vinegar

• 8 oz. water

Use as a final rinse on hair. Gently rub 1 or 2 drops on as hairdressing or on hairbrush to prevent static electricity.

A blend for Dandruff

Dandruff Blend

• 5 drops lemon

• 1 drop rosemary or sage

• 1 drop lavender

Dilute 50-50 with a carrier oil such as Young Living’s V-6, gently and thoroughly massage 1 tsp into the scalp for 2-3 minutes; leave on scalp for 60-90  minutes.  (An excellent time to do this  would be during an exercise routine).

Dandruff, Itching, Flakey Scalp – may be caused by a fungus or imbalance of Omega 3s & 6s


Since most shampoo’s contain ingredients that are quite toxic I do NOT recommend using them at all. I believe that it’s due to all of the horrible chemicals found in those shampoo’s and conditioners that possibly creates problems in the first place.

I only use Young Living’s Shampoo’s and Conditioner’s. What I especially like is that they do NOT contain Sodium Laurel Sulfate, which is quite toxic and is commonly used as a foaming agent… I’d rather have less foam and more brain cells left. 

The Young Living shampoo’s and conditioners are very concentrated and thus long-lasting. I only go through about 3-4 bottles of YL conditioner a year! It’s so concentrated that I have to add a little water to the bottle so I can squeeze it out.

I’ve never kept track of how long the shampoo lasts me, perhaps one bottle every two months. I enjoy the YL hair care products so much that I haven’t used anything else in over 8 years – I swear by them. Plus, they contain therapeutic-grade essential oils… NOT those adulterated and synthetic aromatherapy oils other companies use.

Available in: Lavender, Lemon-Sage, and Rosewood – these are very fine shampoo’s and conditioners.

Get YL essential oils and hair care products here!

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