Shifting Energy in the Home – Space Clearing


Shifting Energy in the Home

Shifting Energy in the Home

Entering a space can make you feel immediately light and uplifted, or leave you feeling depleted and drained – you are responding to the energy of that environment. Every space has energy, whether solid or seemingly empty, it is composed of infinite energy. Learning a few simple techniques on how to cleanse the space can have a dramatic influence on the way you feel and on every aspect of your life. These Space Clearing techniques can be used along with my Feng Shui tips for 2009, Year of the Ox, so your home is much more harmonious and balanced.

Space Clearing techniques have been used throughout history. The methods and tools vary from culture to culture, but the intent is the same – to create greater harmony and balance. Native Americans used: drums, rattles, and smudged (sage, cedarwood or juniper). Chinese used: gongs, chanting, and incense. Medieval Europe, salt and prayers cleared the energy. The Middle East: smoldering resins of frankincense and myrrh were used to invite blessings into a home.

These forgotten ceremonies that brought vitality to human structures generations ago are being used again to instill peace and equilibrium. These ancient rituals can be adapted for modern day use, and most important. A home or business that has been purified not only feels better but sometimes, in seemingly mystical ways, health improves, relationships deepen and prosperity expands.

A Space Clearing can be done at any time, I like to do a good clearing 2-3 times a year, as well as monthly maintenance. Early morning hours (especially after a waxing full moon the night before) seems to offer the freshest an most potent energy.

Preparing the Space

The most powerful Space Clearing occurs in a place that has been physically cleaned and cleared of clutter. Clutter is any accumulation of things that impede the flow of energy, qi, in your home. If you have stuff/furniture that prevents a door from opening fully move it or get rid of it, all doors need to open fully for good qi to circulate.

Preparing Yourself

The strength of your Clearing can depend on your ability to intuitively sense energy. Clarify your intention, project your will into a space. Determine what your intention will be: to calm, add vitality, get rid of argument energy, bring new life/growth, soothe grief – whatever it might be, set your intention before you begin.

Cleanse yourself before starting, bathe or shower, and wash your hair. If you cannot wash your hair, then at least stroke water over the top of your head. Traditionally, cleansing the top of the head allows for an unclouded connection between you and spirit. Your clothes should be clean and specially chosen for the occasion (not everyday clothes).

State of Mind: it is best to feel mentally and emotionally balanced, confident and relaxed.


The tools you use should be carefully chosen and reserved for Space Clearing purposes. Your tools can be made from objects you’ve gathered: stones, sticks, recycle the metal tubes from an old windchime – get creative! There’s only one thing you need to be mindful of, tools need to have a nice crisp clear sound when struck together. For instance, sticks that sound good when struck together, can be given special meaning if you sand and decorate them.

Your tools can range from: drums, rattles, bells, or even baby or pet squeaky toys. Keep tools in a special place when not in use. What’s most important is the sound quality and how you feel towards the tool.

There is one tool that I have found to be extremely effective that I use at the end of my Space Clearing ceremonies and I also use it once a month for maintenance… a CD called “Singing Bowl Meditation /1″ by Hans DeBack. This CD is excellent. I usually don’t hang  around while it’s playing as it’s pretty intense, but I LOVE the way it shifts energy in about an hours time! It’s worth the effort to get a copy.

The Blessing Altars

This is a temporary altar used to place your tools and serves as a beginning and ending point for your ceremony. Lay down an altar cloth then arrange your tools, have an offering(s) (flowers, salt, rice, and arrange stones or shells in a meaningful pattern) – this is a sacred center, a vortex of energy for the clearing. When starting, this is where you call upon spiritual assistance and support, and end with gratitude and blessings. Here are two ideas for creating altars…

An Altar for Love

Sage and salt are for purifying blockages to love and romance.

A rose colored altar cloth represents warmth and affection.

Flowers bring a feeling of freshness, vitality and new hope.

A bell and white feathers invoke love and romance into the home.

Two small bowls, one with rice, one salt, are for grounding and abundance.

An Altar for Peace

A deep blue altar cloth instills serenity and a peaceful energy.

Crystals for clarity and equanimity.

A metal chime and blue feathers invoke tranquility.

Cornflowers symbolize calmness.

Shells or stones in a spiral pattern represent life-force energy of the Creator.

How to Use Sound

Sound has the ability to restore harmony in objects, people and environments. Any musical instrument can be used, though it is preferable to use one that can be carried into each room easily. Before beginning your clearing, hold your instrument close to your body and imagine your energy merging with its spirit.

Then, slowly walk around each room, striking your instrument, or ringing your bell, listen to the sound – when you pass by an area, particularly a corner, does it sound dull and flat? Listen to it speak. If it does sound off, continue using the instrument in that spot until it sounds better before moving onward.

Once you go through your home with your instrument, you can go through it again with a tool of a lighter, cheerier sound and do the same thing.

Using Essential Oils to Complete the Space Clearing

Once the second pass is complete walk through your house spritzing the air with your essential oils (see below), a nice finishing touch that sets the clearing and intended energy a bit deeper. Learn more about the Vibrational Frequency of Young Living Essential Oils.

Essential Oils to Shift Indoor Energy

In a 32 oz. spray bottle filled with water, add a total of 20-30 drops of any of these blends. Or, make up your own blend mixtures, some ideas…

Purifying/Strengthening – mix into spray bottle Grapefruit, Rosemary and Tea Tree.

Energizing/Harmonizing – mix into spray bottle Lavender, Geranium, and Bergamot.

Revitalizing/Invigorating – mix into spray bottle Clary Sage, Lavender, and Peppermint.

Calming – mix into spray bottle Lavender, Chamomile, Orange and Sandalwood.

Good Young Living blend choices – Awaken, Hope, Harmony, Abundance, Clarity, Inspiration, Joy, Motivation, Trauma Life, White Angelica, Valor, Sacred Mountain, SARA, Release, Purification, Peace & Calming, Magnify Your Purpose, Live with Passion, Into the Future, Inner Child, Grounding, Highest Potential, Humility, Envision, Acceptance.

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Article by Evelyn Vincent, Young Living Distributor #476766,

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