Cedarwood for hair loss, lymph and brain function

Excerpt from transcript of a Gary Young talk…

This is also another reason that Cedarwood is so effective as an oil for stimulating hair growth for us guys. The hair follicle loosens and dies and falls out, and that is because of testosterone levels dropping..so you have two things there, but Cedarwood is really powerful for getting that oxygen into the hair follicle if you are massaging the scalp.

It’s very powerful for regenerating arterial walls.  It’s powerful for the lymphatic system for the simple reason that it increases oxygen flow into the fluid and into the blood fluid through the whole body.  It’s really a beautiful oil.  In order to have brain power and great memory recall and great memory retention, you have got to have good oxygen to the brain.  That is really important.

Melissa, (which is second to Cedarwood ) in sesquiterpene activity, is followed by Sandalwood, and Frankincense is fourth. You can see the high activity in sesquiterpenes with the Sandalwood-67%!  It’s a beautiful oil.

This is one of the oils I mentioned that was tested at Vienna University and showed 28% increase of oxygen around the pituitary gland.  It is so important. It is a decongestant of the lymph system, a cardiatonic, it’s calming to the nerves.

One oil doesn’t dominate the action of one thing. It’s multi-phasic and it’s a global action. Of course, we use Lavender for calming and Helichrysum for chelating and opening those blood vessels to get greater oxygen saturation into the brain.  You want to get those chemicals out of the brain..you can’t increase brain function if it is heavy laden with mercury or lead or arsenic or nickel or cadmium. 

Some people have brain fatigue and are very heavy laden in the brain with heavy metals and plasticizers from chemicals and petrochemicals, so  this product not only increases oxygen, but it also stimulates the neurotransmitters in the brain for receptivity and for memory recall.

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One thought on “Cedarwood for hair loss, lymph and brain function

  1. I bought cederwood essential oil today to use with lavender, tyme and rosemary to blend with a carrier oil jojoba and grapeseed oil. reading your webpage above on cederwood convinced me even further that i am on the right track in preparing a stimulant massage oil for hair loss for my husband. I will give you feedback as the months goes by of the progress. Thankyou.

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