Essential Oils for Knees that Hurt

Seven years ago I had severe arthritis pain in my right knee for which a doctor recommended a knee replacement. I declined. Instead I used Wintergreen and Cypress Oil applied twice a day, morning and evening. I also applied PanAway from time to time. It took two months to heal and for the next five or six years there was no pain in that knee. I walked hundreds of miles, including climbing mountain paths and rugged terrain.

A year and a half ago a pain of a different kind came into that knee and the Wintergreen and Cypress did not work this time. Neither did the PanAway have any mitigating effect on the knee. I eventually realized that the source of the pain was not in the knee. It was a displaced pain from a pinched nerve at L5 in my lower spine, a form of sciatica. That is why the Wintergreen and Cypress oil applied directly to the knee did not work this time. The previous pain had been arthritis in the knee joint, but this time it was different and had a different root originating in the lumbar region of my spine.

It is not always easy to figure out the causes of your ailments. After months of prayer and introspection I discovered the emotional roots of that pain dating back to some experiences in my early teen years and began working on the spiritual issues involved. The pain subsided almost immediately once I zeroed in on the correct issues and dealt with them. But it would still return from time to time. It takes time and hard work to clear deep emotional issues and remnants can hang on long after you have begun to understand the underlying problem.

I then found a formula that works all the time and my knee has been pain-free ever since. It is simple: Every day, in the morning, I take the following:

4 Longevity gel capsules (item #3289)(PDF fact sheet)

8 Sulfurzyme capsules (item #3243)

4 ounces of Ningxia Red juice (item #3003)

It works for me. No more recurring sciatic pain. No more aching knee. Try it. It might work for you, too.

Article by David Stewart, Ph.D., avid Young Living Essential Oil user.

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