Psoriasis Helped by Maintaining an Alkaline System

Psoriasis is a non-infectious skin disorder that is marked by skin patches or flaky skin that can occur in limited areas – such as the scalp – or that can cover up to 80-90% of the body. The overly rapid growth of skin cells is the primary cause of psoriasis. In some cases, skin cells grow four times faster than normal, resulting in the formation of silvery layers that flake off.

Young Living for Natural Skin Care

Young Living for Natural Skin Care

Treating Psoriasis with pH Balance 

Psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, dry skin, allergies, and similar problems indicate an excessive acidic pH in the body. The more acid in the blood and skin the less you will see a therapeutic effect from therapeutic-grade essential oils. People who have a negative reaction to therapeutic-grade essential oils are usually highly acidic.


An alkaline balance must be obtained and then maintained in the blood and skin for the essential oils to work the best. 


Young Living’s supplements AlkaLime and MultiGreens are both helpful for this balancing and knowing effective ways to restore the body to an Alkaline pH. If you also have fungus issues you will see improvement regarding that problem as will when you begin making your body more alkaline.  

Symptoms of Psoriasis


• Occurs on the elbows, chest, knees and scalp

• Slightly elevated reddish lesions covered with silver-white scales

• Limited to one patch or over the entire body

• Rashes subside after exposure to sunlight

• Rashes occur over a period of years


First Dietary Recommendations to Restore Alkaline pH


AlkaLime (#3199)

MultiGreens (#3248)

Sulfurzyme Powder (#3241)

Life 5 (#3099)

Essentialzyme (#3272)


First Recommendations of Essential Oils for Topical Treatment for Skin


Roman Chamomile (#3512)

Melrose (#3378)

Gentle Baby ($3345)

JuvaCleanse (#3395)

JuvaFlex (#3375)


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How to use the recommended essential oils topically


For small areas: Apply 2-4 drops of the chosen essential oil neat (without a carrier oil) to the affected area twice daily.


For larger areas: mix in a small dish,  6-10 drops of the chosen Young Living essential oil and 1 teaspoon of either Young Living’s Tender Tush Ointment (#3689), or Rose Ointment (#3709). Apply daily or as needed.


These topical applications can be used 3 times a week as well in a warm compress.


Article by Evelyn Vincent, Young Living Independent Distributor. Healing plant enthusiast helping others empower themselves for happier, healthier lives. Contact Evelyn at: to learn more or to place an order.




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