Quackwatch – Stephen Barret, Gary Young, and Young Living

This post has been removed because the issue of Gary Young and Stephen Barret (aka QuackWatch) has come to an end. The slanderous allegations on the QuackWatch site have been removed since there was no truth behind those statements. This also means there is no longer a need for anyone to put accurate information out to the public (like I had done here) so people can determine for themselves what the truth is. It’s over folks.

Maybe you would like to read my rant on Buying Young Living Oils on Amazon and eBay instead???

In any case, thank you for your interest and for stopping by.

4 thoughts on “Quackwatch – Stephen Barret, Gary Young, and Young Living

  1. I’ve been in the nutrition and healthcare field my entire adult life. I am devastated to say that although I’ve spent over $90,000 out of pocket seeking medical help for my own illnesses, but can only list further illness and injury from said medical “help”. That is, until finding help in the “holistic”, “alternative”, etc. fields. Dr. Julian Whitaker MD once told me that what he practices, for example, isn’t “holistic” it’s GOOD medicine. He was right. I found the help I needed in Nature’s medicines. This Quackwatch thing has been a thorn in the side of all of us seeking the truth to healing. They are obviously merely trying to protect their mulit-million dollar income potential from the use of many toxic modalities. The new swine flu vaccine, as just one of many potential examples…STILL contains mercury!

    I hope and pray that a compatible marriage of GOOD medicine and Nature’s medicines occurs before this world pollutes itself into oblivion. As far as Mr. Quackwatch (and now I see there’s more than one of them perpetrating their lies) I worked for a doctor they bashed, and in their “report” were so many outright inaccuracies, it was truly disgusting. It was obvious they were just making things up! Thankfully, truly intelligent people won’t fall for it.

  2. I have read all the stories about Gary on websites ,saying that he is alleged to have drowned his new born baby.and Murdered one of his wives
    this has shock ,me as I have just attended one of his MLM meetings,
    on Essentail Oils in Australia.and all his work was good.John

    • Hi John,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences with myself and others.

      My story and experience is this…

      I heard about QuackWatch and Stephen Barret about 5 or 6 years ago, read what was on his site and was quite upset (because the Young Living products and essential oils are abslutely amazing). So I spent about 2 weeks researching Stephen Barett and found him to be the largest Quack out there. No Gary never killed any baby, that’s such hog-wash and a lie.

      After all of my searching for the truth, the things that made me realize that QuackWatch is bogus is this: Stephen is paid by big pharma to attack anyone and anything alternatiive or complimentary, and… when I took a look around the QuackWatch site I discovered that the ONLY persons or methods being attacked were those which are alternative or complimentary, and.. the ONLY things that he defended were extremely controversial drugs and allopathic treatments. QuackWatch even trashes people like Dr. Andrew Weil, Deepak Chopra and many others!

      Now, we ALL know that prescription drugs kill hundreds of thousands of people every year. And many drugs are banded because they were never properly tested and approved. I found many defenses on the QuackWatch site literally saying that these banned and very controversial drugs were the greatest thing since the mouse trap.

      Upon discovering that, I concluded that it is QuackWatch that we should stay away from. QuackWatch has absolutely no credibility in my mind and never will. Furthermore, I would never refer to the QuackWatch site for accurate information on anything or anybody. It’s nothing more than a vicious manipulated fear mongering machine set up by and for big pharma. I find it hard to believe that anyone would still use tht site a a basis for any type of decision. ~ Evelyn

  3. I have a similar experience with QuackWatch in that the site did attack our 4 minute per day exercise machine. I made some posts on their blogs to try to explain their error in judgement but from the rebuttals to my posts I could clearly establish that they had no other thing in mind that to trash anything that would be good for health and bad for the illness industry (that is what I call the so called healthcare industry). You can throw throw the FDA into that category as well as being fully paid for lackeys of the illness industry. We have received warnings from the FDA that we cannot advertise any such great benefits from our 4 minute per day exercise machine without having conducted many clinical studies that are proving our claims. I responded that they can go ahead and conduct clinical studies themselves disproving all the health benifits from high intensity short duration burst workouts. Never heard back from them.

    Yes indeed, the pharma- and illness industry have a very high budget lobbying and publicity effort against anything that will promote health in a natural way without using their illness services.

    Alf Temme
    Manufacturer of 2 health promoting products

    By the way, we received threats from the FDA about our sauna related literature as many as 35 years ago.

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