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It’s time for some serious changes! Please excuse the appearance of my blog here and website over the next couple of days – I’m making some changes and updating things. Let me know how you’re liking it so far by posting a comment. Both the blog and website should remain fully functional while this is happening so go ahead and order some essential oils and essential oil products if you are ready to buy… or, just enjoy my years of writing, my first blog.

Yes, the Young Living team blog and website are going full force as well. I made some changes to those back in January 2013. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. The Young Living Circle blog and website are of course a massive undertaking due to their complexities being a team website and blog for myself and the Young Living distributors in my group.

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Disinfecting Essential Oil Bathroom Cleaner Recipe

Lavender-Oil-2013Today’s tip is a recipe that contains essential oils well-known for their powerful disinfecting properties, making them an excellent choice for bathrooms. The combination of essential oils in this recipe smell amazing too!

When I began using essential oils nearly 30 years ago making my own disinfecting bathroom spray cleaner was the first thing I did. Ever since then I have never used any other cleaners, none at all!

And when you consider that a 15ml bottle of essential oil contains about 250 drops I have saved myself a small fortune over the years – it is super easy to make this recipe, it smells FAR better than anything you can buy in the store and it’s eco-friendly!

The other thing I prefer for my cleaning recipes is a better quality essential oil – because then I know I am not getting some diluted down, adulterated essential oil with god knows what kind of toxins in it – which would have defeated the purpose of why I began using essential oils in the first place, to get the artificial all-natural cleaning products out of my home.

Disinfecting Essential Oil Bathroom Cleaner Recipe

You will need:Rosemary3626

  • 32 oz. spray bottle (the “Hudson” brand spray bottle found at Lowe’s is the best quality and very durable)
12 drops Spearmint
10 drops Orange or Lemon or Tangerine
  • 8 drops Lavender
8 drops Thyme
  • 6 drops Rosemary CT cineol
  • 4 drops Eucalyptus globulus

Fill spray bottle with water, add your Young Living essential oils.

Shake the mixture well and periodically during use.

Use this spray to clean and disinfect all bathroom surfaces.

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To Clean Tubs and Sinks:

Simply spray solution into sink or tub so it is thoroughly wet, sprinkle sink or tub with Baking Soda. Scrub with cloth, rinse.

For a nice finishing touch lightly spray sink, tub and surfaces and allow them to air-dry. The essential oil mixture in the spray will continue to work its magic disinfecting and leave your bathroom smelling super fresh and clean!

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Ways to Use Citrus Fresh Essential Oil Blend

Using Orange Essential Oil to Disinfect Surfaces

Ways to Use Citrus Fresh Essential Oil Blend

Citrus Fresh™ is a relaxing, calming blend of citrus essential oils loved by children and adults alike. Rich in the powerful antioxidant d-limonene, it supports the immune system and overall health* while bringing about a sense of well-being, creativity, and feelings of joy. It also makes a terrific air purifier when diffused.

About the Single Oils in Citrus Fresh

Lemon has been shown to have antidepressant effects in studies. It promotes clarity of thought and purpose, improved health, physical energy, and purification. Its fragrance is invigorating, enhancing, and warming.Citrus-Fresh-Oil-2012

Orange is a wonderful “happy oil.” It is uplifting to the spirits and may act as an antidepressant.

Grapefruit is emotionally uplifting and refreshing and may help with feelings of depression. It is also used to regulate appetite.

Spearmint is known for increasing metabolism, as an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, mucolytic, gall bladder stimulant, digestive aid. Well-known uses for Spearmint oil are: Obesity, intestinal/digestive disorders, hepatitis.

Citrus essential oils make terrific air fresheners around the home, kitchens, in offices, schools and public places and very few people object to the scent; whereas synthetic air fresheners mask may mask undesirable odors and often cause people to not feel well and complain about the odor.

Citrus oils are described by aromatherapists as being uplifting, gently stimulating, and conducive to alertness and concentration, while the essential oils of Lavender, Clary Sage, and Roman Chamomile are described as relaxing and soothing. Read 8 Essential Oils to Create Vision, Creativity and Inner Guidance. With this knowledge, you might choose to diffuse Citrus Fresh in your home or work space for 15 minutes 3 times a day to support your efforts on an important project.

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Ways to Use Citrus Fresh

As a food/beverage flavoring: dilute one drop in 4 fl. oz. of milk, water or tea. Or, put a drop or two in a smoothie. Or, add a drop to a muffin, cake, or cookie mix for a delightful citrus flavor. Remember, all Young Living essential oils are very potent (they are not diluted, and so one drop carries a powerful flavor).

As a supplement: d-limonene is an extremely powerful antioxidant and I believe a great disease and cancer preventative. Many studies are now showing this to be true, To use daily as a supplement you would either put a drop or two in a glass of water -or- you can put a couple drops in a “00” capsule with a tiny bit of olive oil.

Topical: the citrus oils are also known for lightening age spots – but do be mindful that citrus oils can make the skin photosensitive so you would use a tiny drop on a dark patch late in the day (after the sun goes down, for instance) so that my morning the photosensitivity would have diminished by morning. In other words, do not apply a citrus oil topically and then go out boating or sun bathing (tanning booths included, it’s all UV light). Apply this small drop with a bit of V-6 Massage Oil to dilute.

Diffuse: Citrus Fresh can be diffused to impart a lively, fresh, clean and uplifting scent in the home or workplace. The aromatherapy benefits can be enjoyed by all. Diffuse for 15-30 minutes 3-1-3 times a day. More on Diffusers and Diffusing.

Citrus Fresh Window and Glass Cleaner Recipe

  • 1 quart spray bottle
  • White Vinegar
  • 10-15 drops of Citrus Fresh Essential Oil

Fill bottle half way with vinegar. Fill balance of bottle with water and essential oil. Shake and use.

Citrus Ginger Splash Recipe from Chef Mandy

  • 3 medium Valencia oranges, halved
  • 1 medium grapefruit, halved
  • 1 medium lemon, halved
  • 1 large lime, halved
  • 12 drops Citrus Fresh essential oil blend
  • 6 drops Ginger essential oil

Use a citrus juicer to juice the fruit. Strain the juice for a ! smoother consistency, if desired. Add essential oil. Stir to mix. Serve chilled. Makes 1 pint.

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All citrus oils can be photosensitizing, thus citrus oils should not be applied to skin that will be exposed to direct sunlight or ultraviolet light within twelve hours.

Dilution recommended for both topical and internal use. Dilute with v-6 Massage Oil before using on sensitive areas such as the face, neck, genital area, etc. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid using on infants and very small children.

Using Orange Oil to Disinfect Surfaces & Air Freshener


Making your own Orange essential oil disinfectant is fun, easy and far healthier than a store-bought disinfectant. Using Orange essential oil during this time of year uplifts the mood in the home too. Springtime fresh!

You will need to make the orange essential oil spray:

  • 14oz. spray bottle (the “Hudson” brand spray bottle found at Lowe’s holds up the longest)
  • 20 -25 drops of Young Living Orange essential oil
  • Water

Fill the spray bottle nearly full with water (leave some air space so you can shake it to disperse the essential oil).

Add 20-25 drops of Orange essential oil, shake, and you’re ready to go!

The blend Citrus Fresh also makes an excellent disinfectant too, see Ways to Use Citrus Fresh.

This recipe takes less than 2 minutes to make!

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How To Use Your Disinfectant Spray for Cleaning

Spray surfaces until damp, let it sit for a minute, wipe with a clean rag or sponge. This works perfectly for cleaning floors, countertops, toilet bowls, sinks, etc.

Be sure to spritz around the base of the toilet too and let it air dry to kill any nasty smelling odors typical around the floor near toilets.

How To Use Your Disinfectant Spray To Clean Sinks, Tubs & Showers

Spray until moistened, sprinkle some Baking Soda into the tub or sink, rub clean, rinse.

Give your sinks and tubs a spritz of the spray after they’ve been cleaned and let it air-dry, this allows the essential oil in the spray mixture to continue disinfecting.

How To Use Your Disinfectant Spray as an Air Freshener

Simply spray into the center of the room and enjoy the delightful scent.

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8 Essential Oils to Create Vision, Creativity and Inner Guidance

Because the limbic system is directly connected to the parts of the brain that control heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress levels, and hormone balance, aromatherapy using superior quality essential oils can have profound physiological and psychological effects. The sense of smell is the only one of the five senses directly linked to the limbic lobe of the brain, our emotional control center.

In aroma-therapy scent stimulates nerves to fire in the emotional center of the brain, but it also stimulates the master gland to release hormones. Hormones affect the fight/flight response, as well as digestion and heart rate. In this way, essential oils can affect us in many ways all at once, just through their fragrance.

Anxiety, depression, fear, anger, and joy all emanate from this region. The scent of a special fragrance can evoke memories and emotions before we are even consciously aware of it. When smells are concerned, we react first and think later. All other senses (touch, taste, hearing, and sight) are routed through the thalamus, which acts as the switchboard for the brain, passing stimuli onto the cerebral cortex (the conscious thought center) and other parts of the brain.


8 Young Living Blends Formulated and Known for Stimulating the Creative Mind

  1. Sacred Mountain – to feel safely embraced by the spirit of the mountains and forest
  2. 3 Wise Men – for integrating insight
  3. Humility – promoting deeper spiritual and emotional awareness
  4. Awaken – to go within more deeply
  5. Inspiration – enhancing spirituality and meditation
  6. Clarity – for focus and concentration
  7. Dream Catcher – for dispelling what keeps you from yourself
  8. White Angelica – guards against negative energies

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Where to Apply These Essential Oil Blends

Put a couple drops in your palm, using the fingers of your dominate hand circle in the! oils clockwise three times to increase their frequency and apply wherever your inner knowing (ancient knowledge) tells you to apply them.

Typical Application Points

Hands, Wrists, Forehead (third eye), Back of the head base of the skull, Heart, Thyroid (center of the chest just down from the notch formed by your clavicle bones under your sternum), Bottom of feet. Your body will know where each oil should go.

Using Dorado Azul Essential Oil for Stuffy Noses

“This oil [dorado azul] contains high levels of beta-caryophyllene, which is a compound found in various plant materials and, of course, in a higher concentration in oils. Beta-caryophyllene is an amazing sesquiterpene.] When this is found in an oil like dorado azul, which contains eucalyptol as well, this means that this is an oil that supports the respiratory tract. Dorado azul is very powerful and the effectiveness of it is almost magical. The results that our patients at the clinic [in Ecuador at the Young Living Farm] have seen wonderful results, and now individuals out in the field are experiencing them, too.

Another thing that we see with dorado azul is that it contains a lot of hormone-balancing compounds, one of which is alpha-fenchol. A lot of the women here in America, who I hear from mostly, are finding that dorado azul is giving them a great support in normal hormone function, particularly when combining it with SclarEssence.*” ~ Gary Young

About Dorado Azul (Hyptis suaveolens)

The stems, leaves and flowers are steam distilled. Found in Ecuador. Dorado Azul has a rich herbaceous scent that helps support the lungs, promoting calm, easy breathing.*Dorado-Auzul-Oil

Until about 2006 dorado azul was recognized in Ecuador as a weed. It did not even have a botanical name until Gary Young distilled it and analyzed it and gave it its identity. It is a red liquid when distilled, and the natives use it to reverse cancer.*

A great companion to Dorado Azul is Eucalyptus Blue, used together this pairing supports in assisting respiratory conditions. Eucalyptus Blue is preferred over the other many types of eucalyptus species because of its well-balanced chemistry and its non-allergen effect for all types of respiratory conditions.*

Properties: Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, respiratory stimulant.

Ways to Use Dorado Azul:

Topical – Dilute one drop with one drop of V-6 Massage Oil (a carrier oil). Then apply to desired area as needed.

Aromatic: Diffuse up to 30 minutes three times daily.

  • For stuffy nose, add one drop each of R.C., Raven, Dorado Azul and Eucalyptus Blue essential oils to a bowl of hot, steaming water. Place a towel over your head and inhale the steam from the mixture. Combine with Raven (alternating morning and night) and Thieves to enhance effects.Eucalyptus-Blue-Copaiba-Oils
  • To help ease cold symptoms, try alternate diffusing of Dorado Azul with Thieves and Exodus II essential oils. To enhance effects further, add: Melissa, Palo Santo, Clove or Cistus essential oils.
  • For irritability or jealousy, try a mixture of: Dorado Azul, Ylang Ylang, Tangerine, Idaho Balsam Fir, Lavender, Melissa, and Ocotea essential oils.
  • For Immune System Support try, a mixture of: Cinnamon Bark, Cistus, Clove, Dorado Azul, Lemon, Oregano, Palo Santo, Spearmint, Spikenard, Tangerine, Thyme, and Eucalyptus Blue essential oils.
  • For muscle, joint & bone issues; try BLM (supplement) and topical applications of companion oils, Aroma Siez, PanAway, Deep Relief Roll-On, Idaho Balsam Fir, Copaiba, Dorado Azul essential oils.
  • For lessening aches, try a combination of: Helichrysum, Dorado Azul, Palo Santo, Elemi, Wintergreen, Lavender and Copaiba essential oils.

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Caution: Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant, nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition, consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use.

Buy Young Living Oils from Amazon and eBay

Assorted-Oils-2013I was just contacted again by someone who made a purchase of some essential oils and a TheraPro Diffuser from a seller on Amazon. When I asked her for her Young Living member number I was told she was not a member and that she had made her purchase at Amazon. She immediately filed a complaint about me to Young Living because she ‘assumed’ that since I said to her, “it is usually the distributor who one becomes a member with that addresses questions because they are the customer of that distributor” – because at that time I didn’t know she had purchased the TheraPro differ and Thieves oil from a non-distributor. She didn’t like that I said that. So she turned around and promptly filed a complaint about me.

I’m going to rant for a minute here because I am sick and tired of being treated poorly by people that buy Young Living products from non-distributors and expect the distributors to jump through hoops for them. I’ve had people buy from sellers on both eBay and Amazon and they expect me to fix their problems, give them refunds, and spend hours teaching them about using the oils.

There are some things people don’t realize and I am going to point these things out so that it may help people who are considering buying Young Living products from Amazon and eBay sellers.

1. Let’s say you are thinking of purchasing a Young Living TheraPro diffuser and bottle of Thieves essential oil from an eBay or Amazon seller…

First, you need to know that if you contact a Young Living distributor they will tell you –rather than paying $200 plus tax/shipping from an eBay or Amazon seller– that there is a way you can get the TheraPro Diffuser for $110 plus tax/shipping. That way is through becoming a wholesale member and you get a mail-in $40 off a diffuser coupon.

An eBay or Amazon seller is NOT going to inform you of this savings. Why in the world would they!? If they did inform you of that fact they would lose money and a potential customer. They are betting that you already believe that if you go to eBay or Amazon to shop for YL products and that you think you will be saving a mint.

I’m going to be the skunk at the picnic here and tell you flat out… you will never buy Young Living oils or products at eBay or Amazon for prices lower than YL wholesale prices.  You won’t even be buying them at wholesale prices. How am I so certain about this???

Well, because I know how YL works. The eBay or Amazon seller cannot buy the YL products for cheaper than I, a wholesale customer buys them at. It’s a fact, it is NOT possible because there are no prices less than wholesale.

The eBay and Amazon sellers will also order enough every month from Young Living so that they qualify for the monthly freebie. Which they will then turn around and sell on eBay or Amazon for somewhat cheaper than wholesale so that shoppers on those sites ‘think’ they can get all of the YL products at a much cheaper cost than they could through a distributor. There’s a name for this business tactic and it’s called a lost-leader, it’s where the store has a very limited number, they advertise it as a great deal (which it is) to get you into the store and buy other items at the regular price. They do it just often enough to get their customers convinced that they have the best prices on everything always, and that’s not always true.

The eBay and Amazon sellers can also be on the Young Living Essential Rewards program, just like I am and just like many of my customers are. So what this means is that after you are on the Essential Rewards program for one year you are getting 20% in rewards points in return for being a valued monthly customer. After one year, you will earn $20 in rewards points for every $100 you spend.

That means your eBay and Amazon seller is selling you products that they got for free from YL when they redeemed their rewards points.

So, I think the real question you should be asking yourself before making a purchase there is, “why don’t I just find a YL distributor, become a YL member, join Essential Rewards and be getting $10 a month during month 1-6 for every $100 I buy at wholesale, then get $15  a month during month 7-12 for every $100 I buy at wholesale, and from month 13 and onward get $20 for every $100 you spend in rewards points to redeem for free product just like the eBay and Amazon sellers!?”

Why are you buying from them when you could be buying the same products they are selling to you, at a profit, for wholesale yourself?

2. Now, let’s say you have questions about how to use the Young Living essential oils that you bought on eBay or Amazon…

If you think you are going to be able to go to that seller and have them teach you all you need to know… you are delusional. They are only there to make a sale(s) to you. They are not there to answer the questions that you have regarding the use of the oils or YL products you purchased from them.

If you want to ask questions and learn how to use your oils, become a member with an actual Young Living distributor and you will get them.

3. Let’s say you purchased Young Living products from an Amazon or eBay seller and you want a refund or an exchange…

You cannot go to a Young Living distributor and expect or demand that they give you a refund or replacement. They did not make the sale to you and they are not responsible for business practices that take place on people selling YL products on Amazon and eBay.

Likewise, do not contact Young Living corporate and expect a refund or exchange from them either, they are not the party who sold the product to you and they are not responsible.

Yes, there are people out there who expect that all distributors and YL corporate are responsible for any YL product they purchased no matter who they bought it from. I had that experience within the past month with an individual, they insisted that I sold them the product on my website. That’s impossible, I do not sell, process, ship or collect money from anyone ever. All of my customers become YL members and YL processes and ships their order to them, it’s called drop-ship. The only money I ever see from the sale of YL products is through my monthly YL commission check. I work on commission. I do not carry an inventory or ship anything, ever. It all comes straight out of the YL warehouse and straight to my customers door.

4. Let’s say you believe that prices of Young Living products are cheaper on eBay or Amazon…

I have yet to see any YL product cheaper on eBay or Amazon over the 8 years I have been a distributor.

If you buy Young Living products from a seller on eBay or Amazon do expect that you are NOT getting a cheaper price. See what I said above in #1 for details on how it works.

Like the woman who contacted me today, she paid over $200 for a YL TheraPro Diffuser. Clearly she made the purchase without speaking to a YL distributor prior to making the purchase and she had no idea that the exact same diffuser could have been bought for $110 if she became a member under a distributor. Membership has many advantages.

5. Before you buy Young Living products from an eBay or Amazon seller…

Ask yourself is that seller, a wholesale customer with Young Living already and just maybe they are buying products at wholesale (like I am and like you can too) and turning around and selling them to people (at a profit) who believe that eBay and Amazon have the best prices on everything.

Chances are great that you WILL be paying retail prices or higher, with some are considerably higher.

Don’t go thinking that because something is sold on Amazon or eBay that you are getting the best price. I stopped shopping at those places years ago because the kinds of things I do purchase can ALWAYS be found cheaper through someone else someplace else.

Anyone in business needs to make a profit in order to stay in business. Amazon and eBay sellers are no different.

6. Before you file a complaint with Young Living about one of their distributors…

Ask yourself if you are doing that because you are frustrated because ‘you’ made a poor choice when you bought from that eBay or Amazon seller. That you wanted full customer service and discovered after the fact that you are not getting full service.

Your mistakes and choices are NOT the responsibility of a distributor and your education on how to use the oils is not a YL distributors responsibility if you are not one of their customers.

Do you have any idea how many questions I am asked daily by people who buy YL oils from people who don’t give a hoot about teaching you? On a slow day about 6, on a busy day a dozen or more. And that’s just people who are not my own customers.

I’m sorry, but if you are buying YL products from an Amazon or eBay seller and expect to get an education from a distributor who will never see a penny from you… ask yourself how many hours a day would you be willing to spend taking care of customers from someone elses business?

If I spent my time answering all of the questions from Amazon, eBay and other non-distributors customers I would not have time to take care of my hundreds of customers. And when a distributor tells you that they cannot take on eBay and Amazon buyers educations it’s because if they do so it will be at the expense of their own customers, please know that they are not being mean to you but that they have to draw the line somewhere.

How would you feel if you were a customer of mine and I didn’t have time to spend with you and answering your questions because I was busy taking care of an eBay or Amazon sellers customers? You would think I was a nut-case! You would think I didn’t have my priorities set straight. You would think that you were crazy for becoming a customer of mine, right?

7. In conclusion…

Just know that when you buy Young Living oils and/or products from an eBay or Amazon seller that you will NEVER get anything more out of the seller than that which you purchased. They won’t be able to answer your oil or product questions like a distributor can. If you are perfectly fine with that and if you are perfectly fine with spending more on YL products over there and shop. It’s fine with me but don’t turn around and blame me for not educating you or giving you a refund or exchange. Know that you will never get the same care and education that you would if you had joined YL through one of their very nice and helpful distributors.OK, I’m done with my rant on the things you need to consider BEFORE buying Young Living oils, diffusers and other products from an eBay or Amazon seller. If you would like to buy YL products from me follow this link to my website and become a member.

For clarification should any eBay or Amazon sellers are reading this…

Most of you do give very good product service, accept returns and exchanges. This rant is NOT about product service, it is about people who buy YL oils from you and they are coming to small home-based distributors like me to learn how to use the oils that you are selling to them because you aren’t providing that service to your own customers. If you want me to teach them you should hire me as an independent contractor for educational purposes. I am not the bad guy that your customers think I am because I don’t provide all of the services I provide to my own customers. I am not the bad guy because I don’t have enough time in the day to offer your customers free educations when they demand it.