Aromatherapy: Pretty Feet Melrose Foot Bath

Our feet take a beating, at the same time we want them to feel and look their best. This foot bath recipe will help get your feet on their way to healing, looking great and feeling cared for…Melrose-Oil

Pretty Feet Melrose Foot Bath

You will need:

  • 1 cup Lemon Juice
  • 1 1/2 Tablespoons Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1/4 cup full fat Milk
  • 3 drops Young Living Melrose Essential Oil blend

Mix all ingredients together and add the mixture to your foot bath water. Soak feet for 10-15 minutes, rinse well, and pat dry.

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6 Additional Ways to Use Melrose Essential Oil Blend

  1. Melrose essential oil blend is excellent for foot and nail fungus. If you’ve not had success with Tea Tree (Melaleuca) you will be quite pleased with the results of Melrose.
  2. Apply a drop or two to broken skin or cuts to help disinfect, cleanse and heal skin.
  3. Apply a drop or two to a burn. For added benefit, spray skin with LavaDerm Cooling Mist spray to promote faster skin healing.
  4. Use a drop or two on skin rashes.
  5. Diffuse to help eliminate bad odors and remove germs from the air! Diffuse 15 minutes in a cold-air diffuser, such as the TheraPro Diffuser, 2-4 times a day.
  6. Skin Healing Bath: in a small dish put 1 cup of Epsom Salt or Sea Salt, add 3-6 drops of Melrose, stir well, pour under running bath water, soak for 20 minutes.

Melrose contains these theapeutic-grade essential oils: Melaleuca (Melaleuca alternifolia), naouli (Melaleuca quinquenervia), rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), and clove (Syzygium aromaticum). The combination of essential oils in this blend are well-known for assisting in the healing of foot and nail fungus’, perhaps it is the synergistic effect of this blend of oils which explains why foot and nail fungus is cleared up quite quickly and why it is found to be more effective than Tea Tree alone.

Aromatic River Rock Foot Bath

This foot bath is very grounding and natural. The inclusion of rocks adds a wonderful texture and sensation to the feet. Here’s how to make your river rock foot bath.. Image

Place a layer of small river rocks or other smooth, rounded stones in the bottom of a large bowl or basin. Cover the stones with warm water and a drop or two of your favorite relaxing Young Living essential oil to 1/2 cup Epsom Salt or Sea Salt, stir this mixture into foot bath water.

Place the basin on a towel in front of a comfortable chair. Sit in the chair, place your feet in the basin, and enjoy the feeling of the smooth stones as you rub your feet back and forth through the stones.

To enhance the relaxation, turn on soothing music, watch a favorite movie you haven’t seen for a while, or read an enjoyable book… or set up another foot bath and chair for a friend and sit and enjoy each others company.

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12 Nice Young Living Essential Oil Blends for an Aromatic Foot Bath:

  1. Grounding™ is a relaxing and balancing blend of essential oils that provides a stabilizing influence. Emotional chaos can lead to poor decisions. Grounding helps you cope with reality in a positive manner.
  2. Sacred Mountain™ promotes feelings of strength, empowerment, grounding, and protection that are a result of being close to nature. This blend of conifer essential oils, including spruce, fir, and cedarwood, evokes the feelings of sanctity found in the mountains.
  3. Release™ combines uplifting, calming oils that stimulate a sense of peace and emotional well-being, which in turn facilitate the ability to release anger and frustration. Repressed negative emotions lie at the root of many health concerns. Release promotes harmony and balance in the mind and body.
  4. Gratitude™ is a soothing blend of therapeutic-grade essential oils designed to elevate the spirit, calm emotions, and bring relief to the body while helping to foster a grateful attitude.
  5. Valor® is an empowering combination of therapeutic-grade essential oils that works with both the physical and spiritual aspects of the body to increase feelings of strength, courage, and self-esteem in the face of adversity. Renowned for its strengthening qualities, Valor enhances an individual’s internal resources. It has also been found to help energy alignment in the body.
  6. Awaken™ is an inspiring combination of several essential oil blends that helps bring about inner awareness and awakening. True understanding of one’s self is the first step toward making successful changes and desirable transitions. This blend may help you progress toward your highest potential.
  7. Egyptian Gold™ includes the biblical essential oils rose, cinnamon, balsam fir, and lavender, renowned for spiritual sensitivities. This transcendent blend gently enhances moments of devotion and reverence.
  8. Joy™ is a luxuriously exotic blend with uplifting overtones that creates magnetic energy and brings joy to the heart. When worn as cologne or perfume, Joy exudes an alluring and irresistible fragrance that inspires romance and togetherness. When diffused, it can be refreshing and uplifting.
  9. Live with Passion™ revives the zest for life and improves internal energy with a combination of essential oils formulated specifically to help people recover an optimistic attitude.
  10. Magnify Your Purpose™ is a specially crafted blend of essential oils that stimulates creativity, desire, focus, and motivation. It helps foster a positive attitude, encouraging you to rise above adversity, seize the initiative, overcome procrastination and self-pity, and magnify your life’s purpose.
  11. Sensation™ is a wonderfully fragrant, powerfully romantic blend that is extremely uplifting and refreshing. It was formulated to enhance the enjoyment of special [intimate] moments.
  12. White Angelica™ is a calming and soothing blend that encourages feelings of protection and security. It combines oils used during ancient times to enhance the body’s aura, which brings about a sense of strength and endurance. Many people use it as protection against negative energy. White Angelica works great applied to shoulders.

Aromatherapy Hand and Foot Care in 9 Steps

In addition to keeping your fingernails and toenails looking great for summer, proper hand and foot care has a variety of perks. One such perk is when you incorporate therapeutic massage into your pampering routine you’re promoting numerous health-enhancing benefits.

9 Easy Steps for Hand and Foot Care

1. Remove Nail Polish: leaving nail polish on for extended periods of time can result in damage to the nail bed. Before beginning any hand or foot care routine, it is important to remove any nail polish on fingernails and toenails.

Love your Hands!

Love your Hands!

2. Soak Hands and Feet: submerge hands and feet in water infused with therapeutic-grade Frankincense essential oil. Frankincense is renowned for its skin-enhancing benefits, soaking hands and feet in oil-infused water will condition the skin while prepping cuticles for trimming.

Tip: limit soaking to no more than three minutes for hands and no more than five minutes for feet to soften the nails without weakening them. Continue reading

Wrinkles and Skin Care

According to industry estimates, on any given day an average consumer may use as many as 25 different cosmetic and personal care products, including shampoo, nail polish, aftershave and lotion, containing more than 200 different chemical compounds.

A common assumption within the cosmetics industry is that 70% of what is applied to the skin is absorbed into the body. It is not surprising, then, that many dangerous chemicals have gotten into our bodies, our breast milk and our children. Some of these chemicals are linked to cancer, birth defects and other health problems that are on the rise in the human population. Continue reading

De-Stress the Stressful Home

Very few consider their homes to be a real source of stress. After all, the home is seen as a place of safety – a sanctuary and retreat. Our homes continue to be important places of retreat from the greater pressures of our work environment. Now more than ever, our homes need to be healthy centers of calm to support and regenerate us, so the idea that they may cause us stress may be a revelation.

The modern lifestyle of luxury, excess, and technological reliance that we have created and adapted to is beginning to be more widely linked to health issues. Many of today’s health issues are directly related to the toxins in cleaning products and personal care products we use daily. These are not only a source of ill health for us but for our kids, pets and the environment too. Now more than ever it’s important to consider what we can do daily to restore, preserve, and maintain good health and wellness.

Flowers and candles relax senses.

Flowers and candles relax senses.

Good health is not just the absence of disease, it’s about having vitality and feeling joyful. This can become a very real possibility when we rethink what we use, what we bring into our homes, and our diet, and make changes to home our environment.

Our ability to cope with everyday events is a reliable indicator of our physical, mental, and emotional health. Each of the 7 stressors below has a major impact on our health health and well-being. Although a single stressor may be handled individually without unbalancing the body too much, the cumulative effect of a few can be extremely harmful to our physical and mental well-being.

7 Stressors in Our Homes:

• Clutter and disorder

• Electromagnetic radiation

• Chemical pollution

• Environmental stress

• Geopathic stress

• Lifestyle stress

• Unhealthy diet

With the exception of “clutter and disorder” Young Living essential oils and Thieves Household Cleaner these can play a beneficial role in helping each of us to have happier, healthier lives.

I know I personally can see how switching changed and enhanced the quality of my life. There is just no way I would ever even think of going back to using the same kinds of products I used many years ago.

When we consider the positive effect essential oils and other Young Living products could have on our well-being we might find the quality of our life changing.

Easy Steps to De-Stress Your Home

1. Diffusing Young Living Essential Oils.

This is perhaps one of the easiest ways to change the vibe happening in a home. If there are kids running around screaming and tense adults on the verge of biting off someone’s head the simple act of smelling therapeutic-grade essential oils from a nebulizer diffuser can make a huge difference.

Young Living Oils I Recommend for Diffusing for a Relaxing Home

• Peace & Calming

• Joy

• Citrus Fresh

• Gentle Baby (great for kids and mom’s to be)

Tip: it is healthier to buy bees wax candles unscented and get your ‘scent’ from a cold-air nebulizer diffuser as you will get the healthy benefits of both this way. Candle makers NEVER use high quality essential oils because it would make their candles extremely expensive. Thus, always assume – all candles contain either the lowest quality essential oils that have been adulterated, or they are using perfume oils that are entirely from chemicals.

Meditation helps to calm.

Meditation: calming to body, mind & soul.

2. Rubbing Young Living Essential Oils on the Soles of the Feet.

Yup, it’s true… simply rubbing a couple of drops of Young Living oils on the soles of your feet is another excellent way to help de-stress and calm things down. It’s also a good way to help protect yourself from colds and flu, and get a restful nights sleep. Don’t under estimate the power of rubbing a couple drops of therapeutic-grade essential oils on the soles of your feet!

Young Living Oils I Recommend for Calming the Body, Mind and Soul

• Lavender and Orange (combine them, they’re excellent for stress and anxiety as demonstrated in this study)

• RutaVaLa (on the back of the neck and/or soles of the feet)

• Live with Passion

• Peace & Calming

• Tranquil Roll-On

3. Shifting the Negative Energy in Your Home.

As a Traditional Feng Shui practitioner and trained in Space Clearing, I love knowing that we each have the power to clean up any negative energy in our homes that are lingering from a tense debate or rotten luck. Here are two links to previous articles I wrote on how you can change that nasty energy and create an home atmosphere that will help make everyone in your home: My Feng Shui Tips for 2009, and Shifting the Energy in the Home – Space Clearing

Young Living Oils I Recommend for Shifting Negative Energy

• Sacred Mountain

• Joy

• Peace & Calming

• Citrus Fresh

• Idaho Balsam Fir

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4. Clear the Toxic Products Out of Your Cabinets.

This includes getting rid of common products that are poisonous – PLEASE remember to NOT throw them in the trash, bring them to the hazardous materials outlet in your area because you do NOT want these products to end up in a landfill or duped down your drain!!!

To learn more about which essential oils and Young Living products I use daily around my home and in place of toxic personal care products (PDF) click here.

Young Living Oils I Recommend for Cleaning the Home

• Thieves (both the essential oil and Household Cleaner)

• Citrus Fresh

• Purification

5. Addressing Diet.

There are many things that can be done to create a much better diet and I’ll just cover a few basics which include avoiding all processed foods and sugar substitutes. Replace those with locally grown fresh produce and grass-fed meats. Bringing the body into an alkaline state can be very helpful in alleviating many undesirable health conditions.

Add a drop of YL essential oil to your cup of tea.

Add a drop of Young Living essential oil to your cup of tea. Flavorful & soothing.

Young Living Nutritional Products I Use and Highly Recommend

• NingXia Red (2-4 oz. a day for 3 months – superb! Then, 1-2 oz. a day for maintenance thereafter)

• Omega Blue (an excellent essential oil enhanced fish oil)

• Life 5 (an excellent probiotic for beneficial gut bacteria)

• AlkaLime (read more about creating an alkaline system)

Cooking with Essential Oils

Learn more about using Young Living essential oils in cooking and for adding flavor to your favorite beverages.

Buy Young Living Essential Oils Nutritional Supplements

Article by Evelyn Vincent, Young Living Independent Distributor. Healing plant enthusiast helping others empower themselves for happier, healthier lives. Contact Evelyn at: to learn more or to place an order.


Cinnamon Oil Needs to Bark so it Can Heal Your Feet and Preserve Your Food

When most think of cinnamon they think of the cinnamon sticks in mugs of warm apple cider, or the sweet, fragrant, spicy aroma coming from the kitchen oven. Even though the scent of cinnamon may make your home smell amazing when prospective buyers come to your Open House and conger comfy feelings that may very well help you to make the sale – cinnamon has a very long history dating back to 2700 B.C. Cinnamon was not only used for centuries to flavor food but it also played the role as medicine, a perfume ingredient, burned as an aromatic incense, used for anointing, for embalming (it has powerful preservative qualities as you’ll discover), in the bath, and rubbed on beds with aromatic Myrrh and Sandalwood essential oils for it’s aphrodisiac qualities.


Even though we all are quite familiar with powdered cinnamon and cinnamon sticks, not many are aware that it is also an essential oil – it was the essential oil the ancient Egyptians used in embalming and in their daily lives. And cinnamon essential oil was a key ingredient in the “4 Thieves Vinegar” preventing the thieves from contracting the plague during the 15th century while they robbed the homes and bodies of the dead and dying. 


We grow up smelling, drinking and eating certain foods and rarely do we know the stories that our ancestors could share with us about how ‘they’ grew, harvested, processed and used a particular food, herb or spice. This article is just a small sampling of the lovely aromatic tree bark we might not know and may have taken for granted, not realizing just how powerful and useful this scented bark from a tree can be in our lives.  


Please note: Cinnamon Bark essential oil from Young Living Essential Oils is hundreds of times more potent than the dried cinnamon spice and one must use it properly for the best results. Why is it more potent… because you know how a herb drying room smells so wonderful, well… that’s the essential oil (a volatile oil, not a fatty, greasy oil) going into the air. It’s estimated that a dried herb only retains about 5-10% of its essential oil – which explains ‘why’ a dried herb/spice used for healing purposes can take months before you see any improvement. That’s not the case with a properly distilled therapeutic-grade essential oil. That means you only use a drop or two of a high quality essential oil at a time. For instance, one drop of Peppermint essential oil equals 28 cups of peppermint tea!


Even after 20 years of using essential oils, I am still amazed by how effectively and quickly (sometimes within 30 seconds depending on the problem) therapeutic-grade essential oils work – and I’m an herb lover and have used herbs for cooking, nutrition, and home remedies for 35 years. I’m impressed and will continue using my Young Living oils for the rest of my life, yes they are that  good. I still use, honor and love dried herbs, but when I need relief or healing I always turn to my Young Living oils – the differences are remarkable.


First… Your Cinnamon Oil MUST “Bark”


It’s important here to note that there is a vast difference between Cinnamon Bark and Cinnamon Leaf essential oils.


Cinnamon Leaf oil, although it does smell like Cinnamon Bark oil, does NOT contain any of the healing and beneficial properties. Easy to remember – your Cinnamon should always bark… “woof!”   Continue reading

Historical Use of Essential Oils

Essential oils are considered mankind’s first medicine and have been used around the world for centuries. Essential oils and other aromatics have been used in religious rituals, to treat various illnesses, and for other physical and spiritual needs.


Research dates the use of essential oils back to 4500 BC. Ancient Egyptians were the first to discover the potential of fragrance, and records demonstrate that oils and aromatics were used for treating illness and performing rituals and religious ceremonies in temples and pyramids. In fact, three oils that are still commonly used today—cedarwood, myrrh, and frankincense—were used in the embalming process.[1]

Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils: todays modern remedies from ancient times.

 According to ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics (the image to the right depicts essential oils being poured from an alabaster urn) and Chinese manuscripts, priests and physicians used oils thousand of years before the time of Christ. There are more than 188 references to oils in the Bible, and some precious oils like frankincense, myrrh, clove, rosemary, cassia, and cinnamon were used for the anointing and healing of the sick. Additionally, biblical prophets recognized the use of essential oils as protection against disease.[2]

The reintroduction of essential oils into modern medicine first began during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Since that time essential oils have been used traditionally to kill harmful germs, as well as spiritually to balance mood, lift spirits, and dispel negative emotions. Get an idea of the variety of ways we can use Young Living oils in A to Z of Aromatherapy Essential Oils, ways that you cannot apply other brands of essential oils.


Fortunately, today we have Young Living Essential Oils that provide us with the best quality essential oils for a number of applications such as: aromatherapy, topical, inhalation, diffusing and as dietary supplements (ingesting and cooking). So whether you’re looking for relief from muscle discomfort, wound healing/First Aid, fighting germs and viruses, air freshening (not masking odors!), nutritional supplementation or flavoring in cooking, to use instead of toxic dryer sheets, as an aromatic bath or foot soak, to get rid of those pesky tiny ants, or to use as an all natural perfume – you have access to the purest essential oils available to date. Natural plant remedies that our bodies have evolved with over thousands of years. Why choose Young Living Essential Oils?


Buy Young Living Essential Oils Here!

[1] Young, D. Gary. “Ancient Aromas.” Aromatherapy the Essential Beginning 1996: 7.

[2] Young, D. Gary. “Aromatherapy: An Ancient Science Returns to the Modern World.” Aromatherapy the Essential Beginning 1996: 1.


Article by Evelyn Vincent, Young Living Independent Distributor. Healing plant enthusiast helping others empower themselves for happier, healthier lives. Contact Evelyn at: to learn more or to place an order.

Using Essential Oils for Emotional Health and Wellness

The natural properties found in essential oils produce a soothing, uplifting effect on the mind and emotions. When an essential oil containing the optimum level of therapeutic constituents, such as Young Living Essential Oils, is diffused or applied topically, the result fosters a sense of emotional balance and well-being.


When the aroma of essential oils is inhaled, the scent travels to the reticular system of the brain stem where emotions and memories are connected. This enables essential oils to improve emotional wellness in many ways. Those haunted by negative memories can use a cleansing blend, and in times of stress or mental fatigue a rejuvenating oil can remove emotional stressors and leave you feeing mentally invigorated. Other essential oils increase feelings of courage and determination when faced with life’s many challenges.

Cupped hands with a drop of essential oil to inhale for calming.

Cupped hands with a drop of essential oil to inhale for calming.


Essential Oils for Improved Emotional Wellness 

Regardless of your emotional health, the therapeutic properties harnessed in Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ (YLTG) oils can help you improve or regain an optimal state of emotional wellness.


When we encounter an emotionally charged situation, instead of being overwhelmed by it, we can diffuse essential oils, put them in our bath, or wear them as cologne. The aromatic molecules will absorb into the bloodstream from the nasal cavity to the limbic system. They will activate the amygdala (the memory center for fear and trauma) and sedate and relax the sympathetic/para-sympathetic system. The oils help support the body in minimizing the acid that is created so that it does not initiate a reaction with the transcript enzyme.

Because essential oils affect the amygdala and pineal gland in the brain, they can help the mind and body by releasing emotional trauma and sharpening focus. People have many distractions in today’s fast-paced world. Essential oils may assist people to stay centered in their goals. Those who are struggling to retain or remember information can breathe the essential oils of peppermint, cardamom, or rosemary to stimulate the brain and memory functions for better concentration.

Essential Oils and the Mind Continue reading

Essential Oils for Mind, Body, and Spirit

Young Living gives you an amazing array of ways to feel better, live healthier, and re-connect to the natural heart of life. Taking care of your whole body, from head to toe, inside and out is a creative and empowering process–and that is just what the world of Young Living offers you!


Whether you are using the Young Living essential oils and essential oil enhanced products for your body, mind, or spirit, here are three basic ways to use them right away.  

Young Living Essential Oils
Young Living Essential Oils

1. On the soles of your feet. Our first recommendation for using essential oils is to put them on the bottoms of your feet! If this sounds surprising, just consider that for thousands of years, Chinese healers have used acupuncture and acupressure on the bottoms of their clients’ feet to achieve healthy changes throughout the whole body. (These ancient sciences have been adopted by Western medicine and are even taught in several medical schools in the U.S.

Because of their unique molecular structure, Young Living essential oils will travel throughout the body, to wherever they are needed, in less than half an hour. 67 Ways to Use Young Living Essential Oils for the Beginner


If you are doubtful about the power of diffusion through the whole body, try rubbing a clove of garlic on the soles of your feet, or put it between your toes, and see how long it takes until you taste it! Recipe for Dry Cracked Feet


2. Diffuse your essential oils in the air. This is the traditional way that most people think of to use essential oils. It is an ancient way, and very effective. Most important is that you do not use a diffuser that works with heat of any kind as heat fractures the beneficial molecules in the essential oil. Instead, use one of the Young Living Diffusers.




Get a 50% off mail-in coupon for a Young Living Diffuser when you become a wholesale customer (under the Distributor membership, no monthly minimums, no selling, no kidding!) The Start Living with Everyday Oils is a terrific way to get started enjoying YL oils at a 24% savings off retail. Learn more and see the 4 other Start Living kits here.


3. Use Young Living oils to flavor food. You can add certain Young Living essential oils to water or food for exquisite flavorings–refreshing, spicy, cooling, relaxing, etc. See the GRAS list for Young Living essential oils. You can use Young Living oils in cooking, for flavoring, and as a dietary supplement – they are the best essential oils and are super pure (something you cannot do with essential oils from a health food store!)

Cooking with Essential Oils
Cooking with Essential Oils

Buy Young Living Essential Oils Here!


Recipes using Young Living Essential Oils in Cooking: Continue reading

New – Young Living Massage Oils

Young Living has come out with a new and improved massage oil line. This new line provides 50% more product per bottle and the massage oils have been specially formulated to deliver targeted results. From the  muscle-rejuvenating Ortho Ease and Ortho Sport to the emotionally soothing Relaxation – these Young Living Massage Oils offer natural, specialized relief in a100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oil organic formula. 


Young Living’s massage line is designed not only for massage therapists, but for everyday use at home to enhance your home spa experience.

Young Living Massage Oils

Young Living Massage Oils

Young Living Massage Oils

Young Living’s luxurious line of massage oils is made up of six Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ (YLTG) essential oil blends, each offering physical and emotional benefits when accompanied by personal or professional massage. The V-6™ Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex (a carrier oil) is also part of Young Living’s massage oil line, and is available in an 8-ounce or 32-ounce refill bottle.


Get YL Massage Oils here!


Cel-Lite™ Magic Massage Oil


Cel-Lite Magic Massage Oil combines the health-enhancing benefits of specially selected vegetable oils with vitamin E and YLTG essential oils to nourish and tone skin. We add grapefruit essential oil to benefit skin texture and juniper essential oil to help detoxify and cleanse skin.

Essential Oils: grapefruit, cedarwood, clary sage, cypress, juniper.


Dragon Time™ Massage Oil


Dragon Time Massage Oil uses powerful essential oils that have been researched in Europe for their balancing effects with pure vegetable oils. The result is a soothing, stabilizing massage blend that helps calm and uplift women during challenging times of the month. In addition to massage, you can put 1/2 ounce in the bathtub for a refreshing bath.

Essential Oils: lavender, sage, yarrow, fennel, ylang ylang, jasmine, clary sage


Ortho Ease¨ Massage Oil


Ortho Ease Massage Oil soothes and warms tired and stressed bodies, helping to combat the damaging effects of everyday activities. With a calming blend of YLTG essential oils, Ortho Ease will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Essential Oils: wintergreen, Eucalyptus globulus, thyme, juniper, lemongrass, Eucalyptus radiata, peppermint, marjoram, vetiver


Ortho Sport Massage Oil


A stronger version of Ortho Ease, Ortho Sport Massage Oil is designed for both professional and amateur athletes, as well as anyone who works or plays hard. Ortho Sport Massage Oil has a higher phenol content, which has been used traditionally to produce a warming sensation and provide relief to tired muscles.

Essential Oils: wintergreen, Eucalyptus globulus, lemongrass, peppermint, elemi, thyme, oregano, vetiver


Relaxation™ Massage Oil


Relaxation Massage Oil can help create a state of relaxation and restore vitality to body, mind, and spirit.

Essential Oils: tangerine, peppermint, rosewood, lavender, spearmint, ylang ylang, 


Sensation™ Massage Oil


Sensation Massage Oil leaves skin feeling smooth, silky, and youthful. The beautiful fragrance of Sensation may stimulate feelings of romance.

Essential Oils: rosewood, ylang ylang, jasmine


V-6 Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex


V-6 Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex is used to dilute certain essential oils and can be mixed to create custom blends, formulas, and massage oils. This oil complex nourishes the skin, has a long shelf life, doesn’t clog pores, and will not stain clothes. V-6 is offered in both 8-ounce and 32-ounce refill bottles.


Primary Benefit


When combined with the proper essential oils, massage therapy can be a powerful boost to any health regimen. Use Young Living’s exclusive essential oil massage blends to pamper yourself, rejuvenate body and mind, or help the healing process through therapeutic touch.


Many diseases originate with people’s inability to cope with stress. While stress is a normal part of life in this fast-paced world, massage can help manage stress. Those who receive frequent therapeutic massages can experience an aligned perspective and clarity of thought.


How To Use

+ Drop a quarter-sized amount of oil into the palm of your hands. Rub your palms together and apply to skin as needed.

+ If using at home, create a warm, quiet, relaxed environment.

+ Use a firm comfortable surface such as a bed, massage table, or floor mat.

+ If doing a foot massage, have the person receiving the massage recline against a large pillow (on a sofa or bed) to fully relax the entire body. 

+ Choose soothing music to help you relax during the massage.


Did you Know?

+ Ortho Ease and V-6 are part of the Raindrop Technique¨.

+ While visiting the Native American Lokota tribe in South Dakota, Gary Young learned of the benefits of “inhaling’” energy. Gary applied this practice to essential oils and his knowledge of Vita Flex points on the feet and fingers.

+ The Raindrop Technique has helped thousands with relaxation and emotional release.


Get YL Massage Oils here!

101 Uses for the Young Living Essential 7 Kit

There are many ways we use Young Living’s essential oils. Here are 10 reasons why we like to keep on hand the 7 essential oils included in the Essential 7 Kit collection…

1. You or someone you know, your dog or horse might have a mishap or accident.
2. You might be sleepy after lunch and having trouble concentrating.
3. You might have eaten something that did not agree with you.
4. You might have met someone that did not agree with you.
5. You might be stuck in traffic and feel agitated.
6. You might find yourself in a public restroom that doesn’t have soap or hot water.
7. You might get stung by a bee or other insect.
8. You might get a painful sunburn.
9. You might have sore muscles after exercising.
10. You just simply want to smell good and feel even better!

Essential 7 Kit, 7 of Young Living's most useful essential oils in one collection!

Essential 7 Kit, 7 of Young Living's most useful essential oils in one collection!

From now until May 31st with a 195PV point order

you will automatically receive an Essential 7 Kit for FREE!

Take advantage of this $92 retail value NOW!

Read on for many ideas on how to enjoy each of these seven powerful oils!



The Essential 7 Kit was created by Young Living Essential Oils (YLEO) so that anyone could immediately use and appreciate the benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils. The Kit contains three single oils: Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), Lemon (Citrus limon) and Peppermint (Mentha piperita), and four oil blends: Joy, PanAway, Peace & Calming and Purification.


Dietary Supplements: All single oils may be used as dietary supplements for any Young Living Essential Oil that is distilled from an edible herb or plant, such as: Lemon, Peppermint, and Lavender found in the Essential 7 Kit (note: the blends in this kit are NOT edible). The supplement facts usage are clearly stated on the label.

Diffuse: All of the oils may by diffused. Using a Young Living Diffuser in place of toxic air fresheners is a terrific way to kill unwanted odors and kill germs in the air. All of Young Living’s diffusers disperse the essential oil without the use of heat, which could render the essential oils less effective as heat fractures the beneficial molecules.

Direct Application: All of the oils can be applied to the Vita Flex points on the feet, added to bath water mixed with Young Living’s Bath Gel Base, applied topically or used with body and foot massage using Young Living’s V-6 massage oil as your carrier oil.

LAVENDER: (Lavandula angustifolia) is the most versatile of all essential oils. Therapeutic-grade lavender has been highly regarded for the skin. Lavender has been clinically evaluated for its relaxing effects. It may be used to cleanse cuts, bruises and skin irritations. The fragrance is calming, relaxing and balancing physically and emotionally. 

1. Rub Lavender oil on the feet for a calming effect on the body.

2. Rub a drop of Lavender oil on your palms and smooth on your pillow to help you sleep.

3. Put a drop of Lavender oil on a bee sting or insect bite to stop itching and reduce swelling.

4. Put 2-3 drops of Lavender oil on a minor burn to decrease pain.

5. Drop Lavender oil on a cut to stop the bleeding.

6. Mix several drops of Lavender oil with V-6 Vegetable Mixing Oil and use topically on eczema and dermatitis.

7. To alleviate the symptoms of motion sickness, place a drop of Lavender oil on the end of the tongue or around the naval or behind the ears.

8. To stop a nosebleed, put a drop of Lavender oil on a tissue and wrap it around a small chip of ice. Push the tissue covered ice chip up under the middle of the top lip to the base of the nose and hold as long as comfortable or until the bleeding stops (do not freeze the lip or gum).

9. Rub a drop of Lavender oil over the bridge of the nose to unblock tear ducts.

10. Rub Lavender oil on dry or chapped skin.

11. Rub a drop of Lavender oil on chapped or sunburned lips.

12. To reduce or minimize the formation of scar tissue, massage Lavender
oil on and around the affected area.

13. Rub 2 to 4 drops of Lavender oil over the armpit area to act as a deodorant.

14. Rub a drop of Lavender oil between your palms and inhale deeply to help alleviate the symptoms of hay fever.

15. Rub several drops of Lavender oil into the scalp to help eliminate dandruff.

16. Place a few drops of Lavender oil on a cotton ball and place in your linen closet to scent the linens and repel moths and insects.

17. Place a drop of Lavender oil in your water fountain to scent the air, kill bacteria and prolong the time between cleanings.

18. Place a few drops of Lavender oil on a wet cloth and throw into the dryer, which will deodorize and freshen your laundry.

19. Put a drop of Lavender oil on a cold sore.

20. Diffuse Lavender oil to alleviate the symptoms of allergies.

21. Spritz several drops of Lavender oil mixed with distilled water on a sunburn to decrease pain.

22. Drop Lavender oil on a cut to clean the wound and kill bacteria.

23. Apply 2-3 drops of Lavender oil to a rash to stop the itching and heal the skin.

LEMON: (Citrus limon) has antiseptic-like properties and contains compounds that have been studied for their effects on immune function. It may serve as an insect repellent and may be beneficial for the skin.

CAUTION: Citrus oils should NOT be applied to skin that will be exposed to direct sunlight or ultraviolet light within 72 hours.

24. Use 6 drops of Lemon oil and 6 drops of Purification oil in a squirt bottle mixed with distilled water to use in the bathroom as an air freshener.

25. Use 1-2 drops of Lemon oil to remove gum, oil, grease spots or crayon.

26. Use 1 drop of Lemon oil to add flavor to baked goods or beverages.

27. For homemade lemonade, in a blender mix 2 drops of Lemon oil, 2 tablespoons of honey and two cups of pure water. Adjust the amount of each ingredient to suit your own taste.

28. Rub a drop of Lemon oil on a corn, callous or bunion mornings and evenings.

29. To clean and increase the shelf life of fresh fruit, fill a bowl with cool water and 2-3 drops of Lemon oil. Drop your cleaned fruit into the water and stir. Be sure all surfaces of the fruit contact the lemon water.

30. Add 2-3 drops of Lemon oil to water and spray counter tops to sterilize them.

31. Soak your dishcloth overnight in a bowl of water and a drop of Lemon oil to disinfect and kill germs.

32. Add a drop of Lemon oil to your dishwasher before the wash cycle.

33. Rub a drop of Lemon oil on your hands after using a public bathroom.

34. Use a paper towel soaked with several drops of Lemon oil to sanitize bathroom fixtures.

35. Place a drop of Lemon oil on cold sores, herpes or other mouth ulcers to lessen pain and aid in healing.

36. Put a drop of Lemon oil on bleeding gums caused by gingivitis or tooth extraction.

37. Put a drop of Lemon oil on oily skin or acne to balance sebaceous glands (oil glands).

38. Rub several drops of Lemon oil on cellulite to improve circulation and help eliminate waste from the cells.

39. Rub two drops of Lemon oil topically to clear athlete’s foot.

40. Rub several drops of Lemon oil on varicose veins to improve circulation and relieve pressure on the veins.

41. Rub a drop of Lemon oil on a wart morning and night until it disappears.

42. Rub a drop of Lemon oil to clean a butcher’s block or other cutting surfaces.

43. Put 10-15 drops of Lemon oil in each gallon of carpet cleaning solution to help pull out stains and brighten the rug. This also leaves a fresh smell in the room.

PEPPERMINT: (Mentha piperita) is one of the oldest and most highly regarded herbs for soothing digestion. Jean Valnet, M.D., studied peppermint’s effect on the liver and respiratory systems. Other scientists have also researched peppermint’s role in affecting impaired taste and smell when inhaled. Dr. William N. Dember of the University of Cincinnati studied peppermint’s ability to improve concentration and mental accuracy. Alan Hirsch, M.D., studied peppermint’s ability to directly affect the brain’s satiety center, which triggers a sense of fullness after meals.

44. Rub 4-6 drops in the palm and rub over stomach and around the navel to relieve indigestion, flatulence and diarrhea.

45. Add a drop of Peppermint oil to herbal tea to aid in digestion and relieve heartburn.

46. Massage several drops of Peppermint oil on the area of injury to reduce inflammation.

47. Apply Peppermint oil immediately to an injured area (bruised shin, hit on the foot or hand) to relieve pain. If there is a cut, apply the Peppermint oil around (not on) the open wound.

48. Rub several drops of Peppermint oil on the bottoms of the feet to reduce fever.

49. Apply a drop of Peppermint oil topically on unbroken skin to stop itching.

50. For poison ivy or poison oak, apply Peppermint oil on location neat or dilute with Young Living’s V-6 Mixing Oil.

51. Inhale Peppermint oil before and during a workout to boost your mood and reduce fatigue.

52. Massage several drops of Peppermint oil on the abdomen to relieve nausea.

53. To relieve a headache, rub a drop of Peppermint oil on the temples, forehead, over the sinuses (stay away from the eyes) and on the back of the neck.

54. To stop hiccups, apply a drop of Peppermint oil on each side of the fifth cervical vertebra (up three notches from the large vertebra at the base of the neck).

55. Place two drops of Peppermint oil on the tongue and rub another drop under the nose to improve alertness and concentration.

56. Diffuse Peppermint oil in the room while studying to improve concentration and accuracy. Inhale Peppermint oil, when taking a test, to improve recall.

57. Rub 4 drops of Peppermint oil on chest and stomach to relieve travel sickness.

58. Place a drop of Peppermint oil on the tongue and inhale into the nose and sinuses to relieve congestion from a cold.

59. Add Peppermint oil to food as a flavoring and a preservative.

60. To deter rats, mice, ants or cockroaches, place two drops of Peppermint oil on a cotton ball and place along the path or point of entry for these pests.

61. Mix one 15 ml. bottle of Peppermint oil into a 5 gallon can of paint to dispel the fumes.

62. Place a couple of drops of Peppermint oil in a cup of hot water and enjoy in place of coffee.

63. To kill aphids, add 4-5 drops of Peppermint oil to 4 ounces of water and spray the plants.

64. Drink a drop of Peppermint oil mixed in a glass of cold water to cool off on a hot day.

65. Rub Peppermint oil on joints to relieve arthritis or tendonitis pain.

66. Place a drop of Peppermint oil on the tongue to stop bad breath.

67. Inhale the fragrance of Peppermint oil to curb the appetite and lessen the impulse to overeat.

68. Remove ticks by applying a drop of Peppermint oil on a cotton swab and swabbing the tick. Wait for it to unhedge its head and remove from your pet.

69. Mix Peppermint oil in a footbath to relieve sore feet. Keep water agitated while soaking feet.

JOY: An exotic, luxurious blend of Lemon (Citrus limon), mandarin (Citrus reticulata), bergamot (Citrus bergamia), ylang ylang (Cananga odorata), rose (Rosa damascena), rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora), geranium (Pelargonium graveolens), palmarosa (Cymbopogon martinii), Roman chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile), and jasmine (Jasminum officinale) that produces an uplifting magnetic energy and brings joy to the heart. When worn as a cologne or perfume, Joy exudes an alluring and irresistible fragrance that inspires romance and togetherness. When diffused, can be refreshing and uplifting.

70. Rub a drop of Joy oil over the heart and on the bottom of each foot to relieve feelings of frustration or depression.

71. Put a drop of Joy oil on the tip of the nose to uplift your mood.

72. Wear a drop of Joy oil behind each ear as a perfume.

73. Rub a drop of Joy oil between your palms and then spread over the face and neck after shaving.

74. Rub two drops of Joy oil on areas of the body with poor circulation to improve blood flow.

75. Rub two drops of Joy oil on the armpit area to use for a deodorant.

76. Rub two drops of Joy oil on the heart and feet to increase libido.

77. Sprinkle a few drops of Joy oil into potpourri to improve the fragrance.

PANAWAY: A blend of wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbens), which has an active constituent similar to cortisone; clove (Syzygium aromaticum), which contains eugenol, used by dentists to numb gums; peppermint (Mentha piperita), which is calming for nerves; and helichrysum (Helichrysum italicum), which is soothing for localized discomfort. This blend was created by Gary Young following an injury that severely tore the ligaments in his leg.

78. Apply PanAway oil topically on an injured area to reduce inflammation and bruising.

79. Apply PanAway oil topically to sore muscles after exercising.

80. Rub a drop of PanAway oil on the temples, forehead and back of the neck to relieve a headache.

81. Mix PanAway oil with massage oil and massage on location to stop growing pains.

82. Rub 1-2 drops of PanAway oil on arthritic hands to lessen pain.

83. Rub 2-3 drops of PanAway oil at the base of the spine to relieve sciatic pain.

84. For arthritic pets, massage PanAway oil diluted with V-6 Vegetable on location or a drop in the food.

PEACE & CALMING: A gentle, fragrant blend of Tangerine (Citrus nobilis), orange (Citrus sinensis), ylang ylang (Cananga odorata), patchouli (Pogostemon cablin) and blue tansy (Tanacetum annuum) specially designed for diffusing. It promotes relaxation and a deep sense of peace, helping to calm tensions and uplift spirits.

85. Rub 1 drop of Peace & Calming oil on the bottom of the feet and on the shoulders before bedtime to get good quality sleep.

86. Diffuse Peace & Calming oil in the room to calm overactive or hard to manage children.

87. Mix Peace & Calming oil with massage oil for a relaxing massage.

88. Put Peace & Calming oil mixed with Bath Gel Base in warm water for a relaxing bath.

89. To help stop nocturnal teeth grinding, diffuse Peace & Calming oil while sleeping.

PURIFICATION: An antiseptic blend of Citronella (Cymbopogon nardus), lemongrass (Cymbopogon flexuosus), rosemary (Rosemarinus officinalis), melaleuca (Melaleuca alternifolia), lavandin (Lavandula hybrida) and myrtle (Myrtus communis) formulated for diffusing to purify and cleanse the air and neutralize mildew, cigarette smoke and disagreeable odors.

90. Diffuse Purification oil to clean the air and neutralize foul or stale odors.

91. Put several drops of Purification oil on a cotton ball and place in the air vents in the home, office, hotel room or other enclosed area.

92. While traveling, inhale Purification oil during flights to protect yourself from pathogens found in the recirculated air.

93. Put a drop of Purification oil on insect bites to cleanse and stop the itching.

94. Apply a drop of Purification oil on blemishes to clear the skin.

95. Rub a drop of Purification oil on the outside of a sore throat when it is first beginning.

96. Rub a drop of Purification oil on a blister to cleanse and disinfect.

97. Put 2 drops of Purification oil on two cotton balls and place in the toes of smelly sneakers to combat odors.

98. Place a drop of Purification oil on each end of a cotton swab and place on top of your cold water humidifier to clean the air.

99. Dilute Purification oil with V-6 Oil and swab the nasal cavity to ward off the flu.

100. Spritz several drops of Purification oil mixed with water to repel insects.

101. Apply Purification oil and Peppermint oil diluted with V-6 Oil to a cotton swab and rub just inside the ear to eliminate ear mites in cats and dogs.


1. Always keep a bottle of Young Living’s V-6 Oil, Massage Oil Base or any pure vegetable oil handy when using essential oils. Vegetable oils dilute essential oils if they cause discomfort or skin irritation (never try to dilute an essential oil with water!)

2. Keep bottles of essential oils tightly closed and store them in a cool location away from light. If stored properly, essential oils will maintain their potency for many years.

3. Keep essential oils out of reach of children. Treat them as you would any product for therapeutic use.

4. Do not use essential oils rich in menthol (such as peppermint) on the throat or neck area of children under 30 months of age or undilted.

5. Direct sunlight and essential oils. Lemon, bergamot, orange, grapefruit, tangerine, White Angelica and other citrus oils may cause a rash or darker pigmentation if applied to skin exposed to direct sunlight or UV rays with 3 to 4 days of use.

6. Keep essential oils away from eye area and do not put into ears. Do not handle contact lenses or rub eyes with essential oils on fingers. Oils with high phenol content such as oregano, helichrysum, cinnamon, thyme, clove. Lemongrass, bergamot, Thieves and ImmuPower may damage contacts and irritate eyes.

7. Pregnant women should consult their health care professional before using essential oils containing constituents with hormone-like activity, such as clary sage, sage, Idaho tansy, juniper and fennel.

8. Epileptics and those with high blood pressure should consult their health care professional before using essential oils. Avoid using hyssop, fennel and Idaho tansy oils.

9. People with allergies should test a small amount of oil on a small area of sensitive skin, such as the inside of the arm, before applying the oil on other areas. The bottom of the feet is one of the safest, most effective places to use essential oils.

10. Before taking GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) essential oils internally, always dilute with an oil-soluble liquid like honey, olive oil or full fat milk.

11. Do not add undiluted essential oils directly to bath water. Use Young Living’s Bath Gel Base as a dispersing agent for oils in the bath.

Obligatory Disclaimer: This information is intended for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Anyone suffering from any disease, illness or injury should consult with a physician.


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YL Essential Oil Recipes for Dry Cracked Skin

Warm weather is on it’s way and we all want to have our exposed skin looking its finest. Here are two super easy recipes that will help dry cracked skin be a thing of the past. Try these easy recipes using pure Young Living Essential Oils for dry, cracked skin issues…

Chapped Skin

1 drop rosewood

1 drop Patchouli

1 drop Geranium

Dilute 2 parts essential oil to 8 parts V-6 and apply to skin. After a few minutes. Apply a little Tender Tush Ointment or Rose Ointment.

Dry Skin Essential Oil Recipe

1 drop Rose

1 drop Roman Chamomile

1 drop Sandalwood

Dilute 2 parts essential oil to 8 parts V-6 and apply to skin. After a few minutes apply a little Young Living Tender Tush Ointment or Rose Ointment to seal in the essential oils for additional benefits.

Buy Young Living Essential Oils at:

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Essential Oils for Foot Fungus

Lavender – Peppermint Foot Soak


Young Living Rose Ointment for First Aid Applications

Young Living Essential Oils Rose Ointment (#3709) is a skin ointment that protects and nourishes the skin and is outstanding when applied over essential oils to lock in their benefits.

Young Living’s Rose Ointment contains: Lecithin, lanolin, beeswax, mink oil, sesame seed oil, wheat germ oil, rose hip seed oil, carrot seed oil. Melaleuca alternifolia, myrrh, palmarosa, patchouli, rose, and rosewood.

Apply Rose Ointment directly to skin or over open wound following your chosen essential oil application. See suggestions below.

Note: Not recommended for burns initially, but is very helpful to maintain, protect, and keep the the scab soft. After a burn has started to heal and is drying and crack-ing, use Rose Ointment.

First Aid: Using Your Young Living Essential Oils and Rose Ointment 

Antiseptics prevent the growth of pathogenic microorganisms. Many essential oils have powerful antiseptic properties. Clove and thyme essential oils have been documented to kill over 50 types of bacteria and 10 types of fungi.

Other potent antiseptic singles include, cinnamon/cassia oil, tea tree, oregano, and mountain savory.

Good Young Living Oils with Antiseptic Properties

Purification, Melrose, Christmas Spirit, Thieves, ImmuPower, Raven, R.C.

Note: Clove, Thyme and Cinnamon are ‘hot’ feeling to the skin so be sure to use a little carrier oil, such as Young Living’s V-6.

Young Living Essential Oil Choices for Antiseptic Skin Care

Thieves Bar Soap, Melaleuca-Rosewood Bar Soap, Melrose essential oil, Thieves Antiseptic Spray, Thieves Wipes, Rose Ointment would be used following the application of your essential oil.

Athlete’s Foot

Try applying either Young Living’s Melrose essential oil blend or Thieves Antiseptic Spray on location, wait a few minutes then rub on Rose Ointment.

First Aid for Wounds (not for new burns!)

Melrose is a strong topical antiseptic that cleans and disinfects cuts, scrapes, burns, rashes, and bruised tissue. It helps regenerate damaged tissue and reduces inflammation.

Dilute 1 part Melrose essential oil to 1 part carrier oil, V-6. Apply to broken skin, cuts, scrapes, burns, rashes, and infection. Follow with rose ointment to keep wound clean and protected, and the Melrose oil sealed in.

It’s been my personal experience this is a far superior treatment than the over-the-counter Neosporin.

Get Rose Ointment and other fine quality YL products here!

Article by Evelyn Vincent, Young Living Distributor.  Visit Evelyn’s website –

Vitality Through Foot Reflex Points Using Vita Flex and Young Living Essential Oils

Vita Flex Technique means “vitality through the reflexes.” It is a specialized form of hand and foot massage movements that is exceptionally effective in delivering the benefits of essential oils throughout the body – I recommend using Young Living Essential Oils. Vita Flex is said to have originated in Tibet thousands of years ago, and was perfected in the 1960s by Stanley Burroughs long before acupuncture was popular in Western medicine.

It is based on a complete network of reflex points that stimulate all the internal body systems. The YL essential oils are applied to contact points, and energy is released through electrical impulses which are created the fingertips and the reflex points (in a fingertip/hand movement). This charge follows the nerve pathways to a break or clog, usually caused by toxins, damaged tissues, or loss of oxygen. 

As with acupressure there are hundreds of Vita Flex points throughout the human body, encompassing the entire realm of body and mind – that are capable of releasing many kinds of tension, congestion, and imbalances.

In contrast to the steady stimulation of reflexology, Vita Flex uses a rolling and releasing motion, this movement involves placing the fingertips flat on the skin, then rolling up onto the fingertips, and continuing over onto the fingernail using a medium pressure. Then, moving forward (as in inch-by-inch) about half the width of the finger, continuing the rolling and releasing motion of the fingertips repeatedly until the Vita Flex point, or area, is covered. This movement is repeated over the area three times.

You would want to enhance the Vita Flex Technique with your Young Living essential oils which can be orders at You can either apply your essential oil to the Vita Flex area (1-3 drops), or put 1-3 drops of the essential oil in you non-dominant palm and with your fingertips dipped  into the drops of essential oil using a circular motion (3x) , then proceed with the rolling and releasing movements stated above.

When properly applied through specific application of hand rotation movements and control points, vibrational healing energy is released along the neuro-electrical pathways to an exact point.  This healing energy is created by the contact between the fingertips and the reflex points.  The result in spark of energy follows the neuro pathways to the nervous system to where there is a break in the electrical circuit.  Upon reaching the break, any necessary changes are made automatically.

The fingertip movements is very easy to learn and apply. Details and sequence of this technique on a 74 minute DVD Vita Flex Instruction with Tom Woloshyn

This foot chart gives you an idea of which YL oils might be good for specific points for Vita Flex. Some of these essential oils you may already have on hand and by following the steps above you can give it a try right away and see how it feels – it feels really cool.

How to Use Young Living Essential Oils in Vita Flex

Place 1-3 drops of the chosen essential oil in the palm of your hand and use the dominant hand to stir the oils clockwise three times before applying them on location. The same thing applies for those who practice reflexology, acupressure, spinal touch, zone therapy, etc. All types of different therapies will result in a significant improvement when combined with the oxygen and high electrical frequency of the oils.

When using the Vita Flex Technique with essential oils, it is best to start on the bottom of the feet.

This foot chart may seem a little different from the standard reflexology charts. Gary Young found that while testing the electrical currents with the frequency monitor that the contact points were a little different than those shown on standard foot charts.

The Vita Flex charts are based on electrical frequency tracing, which is more accurate.

Buy Young Living Essential Oils here to enhance your Vita Flex foot massage! 

Foot chart of Vita Flex points on feet.

Foot chart of Vita Flex points on feet.

Young Living Essential Oils to Use in Vita Flex Foot Massage:

Clarity – eyes, brain

Brain Power – brain

EndoFlex – thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal, spleen, pancreas, adrenal

R.C. – sinus, lungs, bronchial tubes

Marjoram – shoulder

Juniper – kidney

Thieves, Mountain Savory, or Oregano- gallbladder

JuvaFlex – liver, gallbladder

Di-Gize – colon, intestines

Peppermint – intestines

PanAway, Relieve It, Peppermint – appendix, sciatica 

M-Grain or PanAway – head discomfort

Aroma Life – heart

ImmuPower – thymus

Thyme or Valor – spine

Thieves or Vetiver – pancreas

Dragon Time – ovaries, uterus

Mister – prostrate

Exodus II, R.C., or Raven – bronchial tubes

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Article by Young Living Independent Distributor Evelyn Vincent.

Try this easy Lavender-Peppermint Foot Soak recipe too!



Earn Free Idaho Balsam Fir Essential Oil and a Deep Relief Roll-On

Two very useful and special Young Living Essential Oils are free until April 15, 2009. Both of these essential oils are some of my favorite oils for not only aromatherapy purposes but for my body aches and pains. They are the best. See how to get them for free at the bottom of this post. Right now I want to share with you the ways I use both… 

About Balsam Fir (Abies balsamea)

The fir tree – commonly used as a christmas tree today – has been prized through the ages for its medicinal effects and ability to heal respiratory conditions and muscular and rheumatic pain, sprains, to elevate mood. 

Balsam fir essential oil is renowned for its benefits to the respiratory system, as well as its ability to soothe over-worked muscles and joints. The oil was recently harvested on Young Living’s own Balsam Fir Farm and contains optimal levels of four important constituents: alpha pineane, beta pineane, camphene, and limonene, which gives it many of its soothing characteristics.

Balsam fir lends its qualities to a variety of Young Living products including Young Living’s specially formulated Deep Relief™ Essential Oil Roll-On (which is also part of the free offer through April 15, 2009, learn more below).

The fragrant influence of Balsam fir is grounding, stimulating to the mind, and relaxing to the body. I find it particularly uplifting when my mood is down and I just love the smell.

The best part about my Young Living oils is the amazing care and perfection that goes into producing every single batch. There is nothing that I’ve ever seen that comes close to the quality of YL oils, they are by far the best essential oils – and I would say that even if I wasn’t a distributor. Here’s an article I wrote on the harvest

Many Ways I like to Use Therapeutic-grade YL Balsam Fir Oil

• Dilute 1 part Idaho Balsam Fir with 1 part V-6 Massage Oil or vegetable oil.

• Mix 5-7 drops Balsam fir with 1/4 cup Sea Salt, add mixture to hot bath water for a nice warming and uplifting soak.

• Applied topically, 2-4 drops on location or used in Raindrop Technique. 

• Chakras or Vita Flex points (on feet). 

• Directly inhale, place a single drop in palm, rub palms together and cup over nose without touching face (keep away from eyes). 

• Diffuse Balsam fir in one of my 3 Young Living Diffusers.  

• As dietary supplement 1-2 drops in 1 teaspoon Agave or honey. Or, a single drop in a cup of hot water as a wintertime tea.

• As a bathroom air freshener – 6-10 drops in a 2 oz. spray bottled filled with water, spritz into air as needed. 

Using Balsam Fir for Congestion and Colds and Flu

Diluted 50-50 with carrier oil (V-6), then massage 1-2 drops on each of the following areas: forehead, nose, cheeks [KEEP AWAY FROM EYES], lower throat, chest and upper back, 1-3 times daily. 

Vita Flex Foot Point Massage

Massage 1-3 drops Balsam fir on Vita Flex points on the feet, 1-2 times daily. 

About Deep Relief Roll-On

Some of the ways I enjoy using Deep Relief: rolled generously on temples and back of neck and shoulders, on my feet, the aching elbow I was having last week (I also used Balsam fir too – they’re excellent together!)

• On the back of my neck for tension headaches.

• Rolled generously on sore, stiff muscles (before bedtime is very nice, I wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed.)

Even my dog Bandit loves this blend! When his back is feeling stiff, I move his long silky hair away to expose his skin and apply a couple of rolling dabs – he loves it! But I would expect that as Deep Relief contains one of his most favorite essential oils, Palo Santo. Read Bandit’s Palo Santo story and here’s a fact sheet on Deep Relief.

Now through April 15, 2009, you can earn a FREE 5 ml Balsam fir essential oil and a FREE 10 ml Deep Relief™ Roll-On with any single order of 165 PV or more!

These products combined have a wholesale value of $44.50, and they will automatically be added to your order absolutely free!

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