Swine Flu, Vaccines, Autism and Health Risks

I’m posting some video’s in this article that I’ve found on vaccine’s and the health risks associated with them. I believe that there are probably a dozen vaccines that are useful, the rest… well, let’s just say that I don’t think they should even be allowed to be manufactured. You just don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that the health of our kids has declined dramatically  and there is a definite link to that and vaccines.

Diabete’s, autism, asthma, learning disabilities, SID’s, ADHD, and ADD are just a few of the long-term side effects. Did you know that autism was never seen in humans before the 1930s, which is when the first vaccines came out – and they were loaded with mercury. Today, vaccines still contain mercury and we see 1 in 160 children come down with autism. As compared to a study done with Amish children (who shun vaccine’s) in the Amish, only 4 children out of 22,000 have autism – and 3 of those 4 children did vaccinate. No rocket science here!

And many say vaccines have never even been proven to prevent any type of flu virus.

What do I do to prevent flu viruses?

I use my high quality Young Living Essential Oils regularly. Therapeutic essential oils are known for their anti-viral properties. And it was essential oils that prevented the 4 thieves from contracting the Black Plague in the 1400s while they robbed the homes of the dead and dying plague victims.

I have a nice little stash of Young Living Thieves essential oil and Thieves products (learn more here), so named for the blend the thieves rubbed on their bodies before robbing the homes and bodies of the dead and dying plague victims. Snake Oils these are NOT.

When I see someone poo-pooing the benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils (which isn’t too often), I shrug my shoulders and think to myself… “that’s their loss, not mine. Knowing what I know about plants and essential oils, there is no way that I wouldn’t turn to them as my first and only line of defense.” And, you can bet the farm on it that I’m not waiting until I catch something, it’s far cheaper and easier to ‘prevent.’ Plus, I know that my Young Living oils are NOT going to cause any type of disease, nor are there any side effects.

A Look at Vaccines Without a Conflict of Interest

[This video is long but it's excellent, give it a few minutes to load before you click the play button.]

The Dangers of Vaccines:

Swine Flu, H1N1, HPV, MMR, Gardasil, Autism, Thimerosal

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The Young Living Thieves product line.

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My Introduction to Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

by Curt Siters, Young Living Distributor

I have always been into science (which may be related to my father being a science teacher.) Science has helped us to accomplish many things, the internet being one of them – which allows you to read my articles from anywhere in the world. I explored all aspects of science – biology, chemistry, physics and so on. I was an avid reader of Science Digest, National Geographic and any science publication I could get my hands on.

As a young child when the doctor said I needed a shot I trusted my parents who trusted the doctor. But when I got older I started to subconsciously avoid taking [allopathic] medicine and got to the point where I would only take aspirin for a headache if it was a severe one. If I got the flu or a cold I wouldn’t take medicine. Instead I would just curl up under a lot of blankets and sweat like crazy for a few hours and be almost good as new. Continue reading

Duped Again… HPV vaccine more harmful than the disease!

Years ago when I heard they were coming out with a vaccine for HPV it sent chills down my spine. In my mind I kept saying, please don’t let these pharmaceutical companies do this to our girls, please don’t. I’m not even a scientist and I know that these vaccines are dangerous, ineffective and kill people that would not otherwise die of the disease the vaccine is claiming to prevent. Here are a couple articles that I feel are worth spreading far and wide so more women and teen girls know the truth and what’s going on…

U.S. News & World Report

Is HPV Vaccine to Blame for a Teen’s Paralysis? Continue reading

Still want to believe Vaccines are safe? Vaccine Court Cases – 4,900 of them!

This is an interesting article on vaccines, autism, and some 4,900 court cases, Government  Concedes Vaccine-Autism Case in Federal Court – Now What?

“After years of insisting there is no evidence to link vaccines with the onset of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), the US government has quietly conceded a vaccine-autism case in the Court of Federal Claims.

The unprecedented concession was filed on November 9, and sealed to protect the plaintiff’s identify. It was obtained through individuals unrelated to the case.

The claim, one of 4,900 autism cases currently pending in Federal “Vaccine Court,” was conceded by US Assistant Attorney General Peter Keisler and other Justice Department officials, on behalf of the Department of Health and Human Services, the “defendant” in all Vaccine Court cases.

The child’s claim against the government — that mercury-containing vaccines were the cause of her autism — was supposed to be one of three “test cases” for the thimerosal-autism theory currently under consideration by a three-member panel of Special Masters, the presiding justices in Federal Claims Court…” continue reading

Here’s an article and EXCELLENT video on Are Vaccines Safe? A look at vaccines without a conflict of interest

Are Vaccines Safe? A look at vaccines without a conflict of interest…

What ever happened to questioning authority? Why are we so willing to believe that vaccines are good for us? Where are the studies that “prove” vaccines ever eradicated anything? Have we been told the truth about vaccines? Should we believe what we’ve been told about vaccines?

I watched this video on vaccines a few nights ago. I would say that there is indeed much more we need to know “before” we follow like good little sheep to the nearest Well Baby Clinic, Flu Shot Line, or doctor.

Mary Tocco has been investigating childhood vaccines for over 27 years and has thousands of hours invested in this informative DVD. You can now benefit from her dedication and hard work… she has passionately put it all together for you so that you can cut through the confusion without investing years of your time!

This film, “Are Vaccines Safe?” covers…

• When did we begin to use vaccines?

• What makes the current vaccines so much more hazardous?

• What are the “laws” and your individual options/rights to waive vaccines?

• Is the Government doing anything about the problems with toxic childhood vaccines?
Continue reading

Report or Review Vaccine Side Effects and discover if Vaccinating is right for you and your kids

Do you know there is a US government website and database where you can submit an adverse side effect of a vaccine and/or review adverse vaccine side effects? Well, you know now!

This database lists only 228,212 adverse vaccine events between 1990 and October 2007. I wonder why the number is so low? Perhaps because not many of us know it’s available???

In 1990, the number of entries were 1,920. In 2006, there are 17,468.
Continue reading

A Cavity Preventing Vaccine is on the Horizon – good news or bad, are there safer options?

The pharmaceutical industry spends countless amounts of money convincing us that vaccines and other medicines are the way to combat and treat everything [read more about them]. I’m just sitting here thinking of all the money they spend to condition us into believing that they have something good for us, the magic pill that will save of from all the awful foods that other companies put on the market and convince us to consume… what a racket they’ve got going.

Guess what they’ve come up with now… a vaccine to fight cavities. Yes, I am dead serious. I will never be convinced nor be in favor of vaccines for everything that ails us, particularly for cavity prevention. Read the propaganda here…

It took me about 4 minutes to discover that yes indeed they have made a vaccine to give to toddlers to prevent cavities. And to discover that plant essential oil constituents thymol and carvacrol. According to a study on PubMed, these essential oil constituents exhibited potent antimicrobial activity against the organisms tested with minimum inhibitory concentrations ranging from 0.625 to 10.0 mg/mL. The most sensitive microorganisms were C. albicans and Streptococcus mutans. The essential oil of L. sidoides and its major components exert promising antimicrobial effects against oral pathogens and suggest its likely usefulness to combat oral microbial growth.

Streptococcus mutans is the bacteria in our mouths that causes plaque.

Thymol is a constituent found in the Thyme plant (as well as many others). I won’t go into the chemistry of essential oils because that’s a whole big thing.

Another study, on PubMed, looked at the essential oil of Nutmeg and it showed completely inactivated Streptococcus mutans in 1 min. The specific activity and fast-effectiveness of macelignan against oral bacteria strongly suggest that it could be employed as a natural antibacterial agent in functional foods or oral care products, the study said.

The Harvard University Gazette says, “no injection would be necessary; the vaccine would simply be sprayed into people’s noses…. Such a vaccine has been made and successfully tested on humans and rats by researchers at the Forsyth Institute, an affiliate of the Harvard School of Dental Medicine in Boston…” [if that ain't lookin'fer problems I don't know what is!]

Like I said, it took me all of 4 minutes to come up with this information and all the little chips fell into place. I’ve been using Young Living’s Thieves Dentarome Ultra toothpaste for 6-7 years now and I have not needed a dental cleaning at all.

Prior to using the Thieves toothpaste, which by the way is “edible,” I used to go in for a dental cleaning every 6 months, and at the 5 month mark I could literally see with my own eyes plaque building up on my teeth.

After switching from Crest toothpaste to Thieves Ultra I went in for a cleaning and the hygienist couldn’t compliment me enough about what an excellent job I had done with flossing and brushing – HA! I had stopped flossing altogether! I was in and out within 10 minutes. It cost me 65 bucks to be complimeted!

Six months later, the exact same thing except I was out of the dentists office in less than ten minutes. Bam, another 65 bucks for a gushing complimet! I had NOT flossed in one full year!

The ONLY thing I had done differently was I was using the Thieves Dentarome Ultra toothpaste. I still don’t floss, I haven’t gotten any cavities, nor do I have any plaque on my teeth! I decided I didn’t need to spend that kind of money for a compliment, so I stopped booking appointments.

If these pharma guys think I’m going to fall hook line and sinker for their cavity preventing vaccine they are in for a huge surprise! Not only am I not going to fall for it, but I am going to promote my testimonial even more. For what it’s worth, I’m not the only one who has had these kinds of results.

I have since added the Thieves Mouthwash to my twice daily oral care regimen. I never want to go in for a dental cleaning for as long as I live, just to prove my point, that I don’t need to poison myself in order to keep myself healthy.

Two Sundays ago I awoke to what I thought was the beginning’s of an abscessed tooth. Sure enough by afternoon, it was confirmed. I have this root canal tooth from about 9 years ago, this is the third time it’s gotten abscessed. That’s what happens when you have a dead tooth in your mouth, it can’t take care of it’self. Anyway, by afternoon, my jaw was swollen, I couldn’t chew or let my teeth even touch each other without extreme pain.

This time what I did was take my essential oil combination that I use as an antibiotic substitute. By Wednesday morning I was eating regular meals again and by Wednesday evening I was 100% pain-free and abscess-free. I also didn’t loose a wink of sleep.

I will say this, that little 4 minute research jaunt I took gave me proof WHY the Thieves Dentarome Ultra Toothpaste and Mouthwash work. In case you’re wondering about other toothpastes that say they contain essential oils, well those are perfume-grade essential oils and they cannot and will not produce the same results as a therapeutic grade essential oil. That’s why years ago I went through the gamut of natural toothpastes and found they didn’t give me any better results than I got with Crest = poor!

I love it when things fall neatly into place and add up!

In case you don’t know, according to Dr. Mercola, “a tube” of any store bought toothpaste (with fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate, etc.) will kill an adult if ingested. That same tube will kill two children. It boggles my mind that they are allowed to make, market and sell a poisonous substance like that to unsuspecting consumers. The whole fluoride thing is ludicrous. Learn more…


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