Eliminate Mold Using Young Living Essential Oils

Thieves essential oil was found to be far more effective at eliminating mold than any other mold treatment currently available, with an overall spore removal efficiency of 96.65%, and 100% spore removal efficiency for 17 species of mold, with long-term residual effects. Case study participants reported significant health improvements following the Thieves recommendations.TheraPro Diffuser, Thieves essential oil, Thieves Household Cleaner

“This [essential oil] blend contains Lemon, Cinnamon, Cloves, Eucalyptus and Rosemary. It is non-toxic and approved by the FDA for human consumption, There is scientific evidence that this same blend of therapeutic-grade essential oils also kills bacteria and viruses.” (Chao et.al., Journal of Essential Oil Research, 1998)

Buying A Home – Buyer Beware!

I cannot tell you how many calls and emails I get from people who just bought a home only to discover there is a mold problem. Real Estate agents and sellers are suppose to devulge that info, but few do.

So, how to protect yourself as a home buyer… in your contract, very clearly state that the price is contingent upon a home inspection – AND – a mold inspection, yes put it in the contract!!! Otherwise, if you buy it and find there is a mold problem you could be sinking many thousands into claning it up and it can cost you your health. I’m serious about this.

I was contacted by a woman earlier this past summer who was calling on behalf of a family of 6 who had a severe mold problem in their home. They all ended up in the hospital, and the wife/mother suffered brain damage, she is now confined to a wheelchair and dozens of med’s for the rest of her life.

Toxic mold is NOT something to be taken lightly and it can kill you. If you have mold, clean it up, if you don’t have it yet prevent it with essential oils!

Here is a chilling ABC News story on mold and a home buyer

Some Facts on the Health Effects of Toxic Mold:

• 50% of buildings, both old and new, have Mold resulting in a 50-100% increase of it’s occupants having respiratory problems. – 2 Studies, Harvard and Johns Hopkins Universities

• 16 infants died from bleeding lungs in Cleveland, Ohio and every house where the infants lived had Stachybotrys chartarum, also known as Toxic Black Mold. – The Center for Disease Control

• 1 in 7 Americans suffers from acute fungal sinustis, resulting from exposure to mold. – Mayo Clinic

• Bleach, Ozone, and chemicals commonly used for mold issues are ineffective and are hazardous to your health. – US EPA and the American Industrial Hygiene Association

Mold in Cars

Many cars are sold every year that have been in floods and have mold. Yes, if your house has mold it can attach to you shoes and clothing and be brought in to your car daily. Yes, you can use Thieves essential oil, Household Cleaner and a diffuser to get mold out of your car. Here are two articles I wrote about it.. How to Get Mold Out of Your Car and Mold in Your Vehicle May Cause Fungal Infections

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