Swine Flu, Vaccines, Autism and Health Risks

I’m posting some video’s in this article that I’ve found on vaccine’s and the health risks associated with them. I believe that there are probably a dozen vaccines that are useful, the rest… well, let’s just say that I don’t think they should even be allowed to be manufactured. You just don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that the health of our kids has declined dramatically ¬†and there is a definite link to that and vaccines.

Diabete’s, autism, asthma, learning disabilities, SID’s, ADHD, and ADD are just a few of the long-term side effects. Did you know that autism was never seen in humans before the 1930s, which is when the first vaccines came out – and they were loaded with mercury. Today, vaccines still contain mercury and we see 1 in 160 children come down with autism. As compared to a study done with Amish children (who shun vaccine’s) in the Amish, only 4 children out of 22,000 have autism – and 3 of those 4 children did vaccinate. No rocket science here!

And many say vaccines have never even been proven to prevent any type of flu virus.

What do I do to prevent flu viruses?

I use my high quality Young Living Essential Oils regularly. Therapeutic essential oils are known for their anti-viral properties. And it was essential oils that prevented the 4 thieves from contracting the Black Plague in the 1400s while they robbed the homes of the dead and dying plague victims.

I have a nice little stash of Young Living Thieves essential oil and Thieves products (learn more here), so named for the blend the thieves rubbed on their bodies before robbing the homes and bodies of the dead and dying plague victims. Snake Oils these are NOT.

When I see someone poo-pooing the benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils (which isn’t too often), I shrug my shoulders and think to myself… “that’s their loss, not mine. Knowing what I know about plants and essential oils, there is no way that I wouldn’t turn to them as my first and only line of defense.” And, you can bet the farm on it that I’m not waiting until I catch something, it’s far cheaper and easier to ‘prevent.’ Plus, I know that my Young Living oils are NOT going to cause any type of disease, nor are there any side effects.

A Look at Vaccines Without a Conflict of Interest

[This video is long but it's excellent, give it a few minutes to load before you click the play button.]

The Dangers of Vaccines:

Swine Flu, H1N1, HPV, MMR, Gardasil, Autism, Thimerosal

These are some of the products I have on hand as my line of defense…

The Young Living Thieves product line.

The Young Living Thieves product line.

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Duped Again… HPV vaccine more harmful than the disease!

Years ago when I heard they were coming out with a vaccine for HPV it sent chills down my spine. In my mind I kept saying, please don’t let these pharmaceutical companies do this to our girls, please don’t. I’m not even a scientist and I know that these vaccines are dangerous, ineffective and kill people that would not otherwise die of the disease the vaccine is claiming to prevent. Here are a couple articles that I feel are worth spreading far and wide so more women and teen girls know the truth and what’s going on…

U.S. News & World Report

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